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Month: November 2018

Just for Teachers: 5 Great Ways to Help Hyperactive Kids Learn

Hyperactivity is something that most teachers have to deal with in the classroom. On some level, there will be students who need help in focusing on the lesson at hand and the activities of their peers. Teachers can help aid students by showing students how they can relax in the classroom. They can introduce breathing techniques to help students calm. Helping students to learn in a hands on way and encouraging students to move is also great. Key Takeaways: For hyperactive students, actively engaging in a learning experience is more educational than sitting at a desk. Channel the energy...

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How to Raise a Confident Child – The Realistic Mama

We all want our kids to have great childhoods and to grow up to be very successful people. One common trait that is seen throughout most confident individuals is the fact that they are confident within themselves. Many people out there struggle with mental health and feeling as if they are good enough for the world that they live in. These people usually get eaten alive in the world of business and it is seen in all major sectors. Key Takeaways: We all want our kids to be successful as they get older and it starts when they are...

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How To Help A Child With Anxiety In Day-To-Day Situations

Just as anxiety affects us negatively, it also can affect our children. Anxiety can negatively impact our children and leave us feeling helpless as we cannot fix the situation causing our child fear or nervousness. Instead of discounting your child’s emotions by telling them they shouldn’t be afraid try helping your child know what anxiety is by asking them specifically what is making them afraid. This will help them recognize their emotion. Once you and your child understand the source of the anxiety, you can create a plan of attack against the anxiety. Key Takeaways: Many children are very...

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Building Responsible Kids

As parents, it is your duty to make sure that your kids are taught the intangibles that go with becoming a responsible adult. By making your kids responsible, from a young age, they are able to develop skills and techniques that will provide useful things for them throughout their lives. We all want our kids to be successful and to achieve some amazing things. By being responsible, they will be good, hard working people with no ceiling to their potential. Key Takeaways: Kids grow up in a way that is a reflection of the environment that they were in....

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Be Best? Nah. Be Resilient

While it’s hard to watch kids – especially those with ADHD – struggle with failure and disappointment it doesn’t do them any good to take disappointment out of their lives. Walking with your kids through disappointment and perceived failures gives them life skills and a resilience that can’t be gained any other way. The skills and resilience will give them the tools they need to succeed against any odds and achieve their goals – like many great men and women before them. Key Takeaways: Both kids and adults need to actively cultivate grit and persistence in the face of...

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