When your child will not tell you what is wrong, it can be a scary time. Some parents take it personal and really wonder about themselves when this happens. They do not know if they did something that would make their child not confide in them. However, this kind of behavior is normal as a kid is growing up. As a parent, just let your kid be. Be kind to them until they are ready to tell you what is up.

Key Takeaways:

  • As a parent, it is your duty to do everything to make your child as happy as possible.
  • If your kid will not tell you what is wrong, you need to let them have their space until they are ready to say what it is.
  • Do not be too caught up if you feel that your kid is not acting the way that they should. Everyone goes through phases.

“Emotional crises are scary when they involve your child. Here are some tips.”

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