Just as anxiety affects us negatively, it also can affect our children. Anxiety can negatively impact our children and leave us feeling helpless as we cannot fix the situation causing our child fear or nervousness. Instead of discounting your child’s emotions by telling them they shouldn’t be afraid try helping your child know what anxiety is by asking them specifically what is making them afraid. This will help them recognize their emotion. Once you and your child understand the source of the anxiety, you can create a plan of attack against the anxiety.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many children are very different in how they grow up in the environments they are in.
  • It is difficult to deal with a child who suffers greatly from anxiety.
  • Be patient with your children, as some anxieties will pass as your children mature.  Others will not however.

Read more: https://afineparent.com/positive-parenting-faq/how-to-help-a-child-with-anxiety.html

Commentary by Dr Cale:  It is important to note that anxiety comes in many shapes and forms.  While some of these will pass, others will tend to worsen…if we do not understand the role we may play in promoting those anxieties in our children.  Likewise, we can take specific actions that can reduce childhood anxiety in many situations.  To do that however, you will have to step out of the box…of the typical thought process and go beyond the rudimentary.  Learn more here:  What Parents Can Do to Help Kids with Anxiety