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Category: Living Well

Thanksgiving: Tips for Nurturing Gratitude at Home

Let’s consider giving and gratitude. The very act of giving, when offered without hope for reward or return, brings fascinating benefit. Even when feeling some ‘lack’ in our lives, these moments of giving yield a reward of immense gratitude, instantly and automatically. It just flows into us with overwhelming feelings of warmth and appreciation.

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Anger Begets More Anger. Gratitude Begets More Gratitude.

Our minds are like a telescopic lens, and the more we focus on something, the larger it becomes.  As a child, we begin with a starter telescope, and this makes it hard to get locked into one perspective.  As we age, we evolve to giant telescopes, with a great capacity to focus in on a single point of view.  As we zoom in on perception or a belief (and this creates an emotion), the mind then expands upon that over and over.  

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