“Why Continue To Yell, Nag, Scream And Battle Everyday Over The Same Old Thing… When Your Kids Won’t Pick Up Their Stuff?”

“You Can Revolutionize Your Home When You Learn Dr. Cale’s Guaranteed 7-Step Program That Is Proven To Teach Your Kids To Keep Their Rooms Clean And Organized.”

Dear Parent,

Okay, let’s be honest. The kids get off the bus. They leave their backpack in the hallway. They leave their shoes in the living room, and within minutes the kitchen looks like a cyclone went through it.

You just spent 3 hours cleaning their rooms, and already, you can’t find the bed. Their room looks like animals could be living in there…and all that happened in just days.

You have talked with them about being responsible. You beg the kids. You nag them. You plead with them. You argue with them. You remind them.

You talk to them about…

how important it is to take care of their stuff. You talk about how exhausted you are and how unfair it is for you to keep cleaning up their stuff.

You have threatened to throw it away. You may have even thrown some of it away. Nothing seems to work!

Everyday, you feel like you have to prepare for a battle. You find your peace of mind is stolen by the socks on the floor, and the dishes on the sofa.

The constant battles take a toll on you. It’s just plain exhausting! Your joy…your happiness…and even your daily satisfaction is constantly squashed by the relentless mess that follows the kids wherever they go.

Will They Ever Get It?

And then there’s the worry about the future. “Will they ever get it? I mean…really…how many times do you have to remind them? They aren’t stupid kids! So…what’s the problem here?”

And just how much of your time and precious energy is wasted on the incessant effort you keep putting into their mess. What could you be doing with that extra time…if they just learned to be responsible for their STUFF? A whole world of opportunity is sitting in front of you…if you had that time…time that has been stolen from you…time to invest in what you really value and care about. It could also be time to take care of yourself because you deserve the chance to rejuvenate yourself!

Would it be an extra hour…maybe more…each day? And what would your peace of mind be worth…if your kids were easily and naturally taking care of the stuff?

I don’t really know…but I do know that most parents who put my 7-step program into place report that life gets easier, and they seem to experience more time to do what they find important. It’s a good feeling!

On the other hand, it’s not necessary to change this at all. You could keep wasting this time every day. You could keep nagging and battling…and live in that energy robbing state of mind. You could relentlessly decide to pick up after them…and notice that they become more dependent upon you…rather than independent and ready for life.

Bottom Line: You need a plan to teach kids how to take care of their stuff. Not just any plan…but a plan that has a proven track record. My program is based upon principles of behavior management, and also combines recent findings from the neurosciences. When this technology is combined with over 15 years of clinical experience, the formula is one that cannot fail. Here’s what a few of my customers have to say:

“The Clean Rooms Product is amazing. It has changed my home so you can now walk through it without tripping.” 

Maria, Mom from Albany, NY

“What a difference the Clean Rooms Product has made! My kids pick up everything on their own, and I don’t have to nag them. It’s so simple…But it’s a miracle.”

Karen, participant at Parenting Seminar

Why Won’t My Kids
Just Pick Up Their Stuff?

Over the last twenty years, I have worked with thousands of families. In my work with parents, I heard one very common complaint: “My kids just won’t pick up their stuff.”

When I examined the literature, it was hard to find a specific plan to teach kids to be responsible. It became quite frustrating because I couldn’t help my clients.

But I knew there had to be a solution to this common problem. So I resolved to find a solution.

I Discovered The
“Clean Rooms Made Easy” Formula

During that time, I began to integrate findings from behavioral psychology and neuropsychological research into my quest for a solution. I worked closely with many families, as I developed this program. Fortunately, I was able to test these ideas, and refine my approach with each family that I have worked with.

The result: “The Clean Rooms Made Easy Program.” I found a solution that is remarkably simple, and you get results in less than two weeks.

That’s right…. two weeks! If you decide to buy this program, you can absorb the details in less than an hour. By the end of the day, you can set this plan into action, and your kids will start learning before they go to bed tonight.

The formula is really a system of teaching responsibility. Your children will learn to pick up after themselves, and help out around the house because the system will make it easy for them to learn these skills.

You will stop yelling, nagging, prodding and negotiating! Because the “Clean Rooms Made Easy” formula teaches you how to do this quickly. In fact, you will be working the system within minutes of downloading this package!

How can I know that this plan will work for your kids? In one sense, I don’t. Because…I don’t know how closely you can follow the plan.

However, if you do follow the plan, the actions you put into place virtually guarantee that your kids have to learn to take care of their stuff. They will learn to pick up in their room, as well as to pick up around the house. They will take more responsibility for their own stuff.

In fact, within weeks, you will play a small role in keeping their rooms clean. They will get it!

What’s Required On Your Part?

  • Buy the program and actually listen to it. If you download the written booklet, read it carefully.
  • Put the plan in place exactly as I describe it to you.
  • Be consistent in following through with the plan (which will take about ten minutes of your time)
  • Do not deviate from the specific guidelines, as the details have been worked out to ensure that kids always learn!

I don’t know how much it is worth to you to never have to pick up after your kids again. Maybe it’s not a big deal.

For many parents however, it is a big deal!

For the most part, it is my belief that kids should be responsible for their stuff. They need to learn to take care of their stuff, put it away and keep it relatively well organized.

This program teaches your kids how to clean up their stuff…without you constantly nagging and battling with them. Follow my unique program, and your kids will take care of their clothes, pick up their toys, and keep their personal stuff put away. Guaranteed! No arguments. No battles.

“The Clean Rooms Product has changed my life. I can’t believe how quickly my kids learned from this program.” 

Kristen former client from Clifton Park, NY

“My friend told me about the Clean Rooms Product. I bought it and put it to use the same day. It’s the best guidance I have ever got on how to parent and a way to make my life easier. It’s been a huge relief to me.”

Karen, participant at Parenting Seminar

You will never know if the Clean Rooms Made Easy is all that I say that it is…unless you try. I encourage you to buy this program now, and find out for yourself. You can keep going through this daily misery, or you can teach your kids to be responsible!

If you do purchase this life changing program, you must first absorb the program, and set the action plan into place. There will then be a learning process…both for you and for the kids.

You must…if you want this to work…allow for that learning to happen. You begin to see changes in a few days…and gradually things improve over the next week to two weeks. Usually life is on track in 2-3 weeks, although rarely…it can take 4 or 5 weeks for a difficult adolescent. But it always works!

Either way…you are not at risk! If life around your house isn’t easier, and the kids aren’t more responsible within thirty days, and you aren’t happy…send it back.

The Goal Is The Kids Are Regularly And Consistently Take Responsibility For Picking Up Their Stuff. They Clean Up After Themselves And Put Their Stuff Away. That’s What The Clean Rooms Made Easy Does.

By the way, does that mean that the kids will like what you are doing? Probably not. In fact, there might be a few days when they are upset and angry with you.

That’s okay. As I discuss on the program, I walk you through all the potential challenges you may encounter. Every possible challenge is addressed on “The Clean Rooms Made Easy.”


  • Your life can be easier.
  • You can get along better.
  • You can end the nagging, pushing and prodding and yelling.
  • Hours of future struggles can be eliminated.
  • Your kids can learn to be more responsible.
  • Your home can be cleaner and better organized.
  • There can be more time for what’s really important.

All of this is yours for less than the cost of a single session of therapy. In fact, if you were to consult with me, it would take 2-3 sessions to cover this material and cost $450 or more.

Yet, in this in highly focused program, you get my proven formula delivered for less than the price of single session of consultation with me.

In the Clean Rooms Made Easy program, I provide you with a complete solution to your messy room problems. For less than the cost of your cable bill, you can transform your home to clean and clutter-free! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just relax about this?

Here’s What You Get In The Clean Rooms Made Easy Package

In the Clean Rooms Made Easy Package, you get a downloadable ebook which you can read right away. You also get my Clean Rooms Made Easy mp3 audio program, which you can listen to immediately.

Let me break the package down for you:

Immediate MP3 Download Of The Clean Rooms Made Easy Audio Program (Value $47)

First, you get the Clean Rooms Made Easy program audio download. This is an MP3 audio program, you can listen to immediately. Within minutes from now, you can be learning from the complete audio program. Dr Cale provides the comprehensive training in an MP3 download that you can instantly load onto your computer or your MP3 player/Ipod.

Did I mention this? With this instant access, you can easily listen to the program within the next hour. Okay, I am emphasizing this again because this program is designed to solve one problem, and to solve that messy room problem very, very quickly. By tomorrow morning, you will be ready to put this program to the test in your home!

“Of all the programs I have created, this program is unique for two reasons. First, the Clean Rooms Made Easy relies on an unusual combination of small changes in your parenting. This combination brings about a rapid change in your child or teenagers clean up habits.”

“Secondly, I find that many programs require a firm resolve. For the program, most parents actually enjoy implementing the program. If you take the plunge, and try out this program, you will quickly discover why this is actually a bit of fun.”

“Almost magic! That’s what parents say about this simple to use game plan, that virtually guarantees a clean room automatically!”

Dr Randy Cale

Clean Rooms Made Easy Parent Manual PDF Instant Download (Value $47)

This is your manual your guide (so to speak) to almost effortlessly have the kids clean up your room. This downloaded manual will take you through a step-by-step process that you can read in under an hour.

So…not only do you get the audio program to listen to, but you also get immediate access to the Clean Rooms Made Easy parent manual. This manual is your guide to ending all of those battles over picking up and putting away. Finally, a real answer to a real problem that works!

For some of us, we learn better by listening. For others, it’s better to read. And yet for most of us, we do better when we can both listen, and read the information.

That’s why I have included both the audio MP3 program for you to listen to, and the instant download manual for you to read if you want. They both included, and you get them instantly.

Can you argue that you should get cheap on this? I doubt it. So why not buy this program now…and if you do…you get a truly remarkable guarantee.

There Is No Risk Here. Buy This Program, Follow The Guidelines, And See If It Works For You. If You Are Not Satisfied, Send It Back. You Will Get Your Money Back.

  • How many battles could you live without?
  • How many times could you enjoy not picking up the toys?
  • How much more opportunity for laughter and enjoyment could your family have if you weren’t engaged in these constant conflicts over picking up their stuff?

Only you can answer those questions and decide for yourself. You will find that Clean Rooms Made Easy program is a simple proven formula that will work for you.

To purchase this amazing, life-changing program, click on the blue link below. It will take you to a secure order form, where you will safely put your personal information. When complete, you will soon have a solution to bring the chaos into predictable organization. So click below now!

Clean Rooms Made Easy $94 For Only $17

This is an instant download package
All Major Credit Cards, Paypal and Online Checks Are Accepted.

By the way, does that mean that the kids will like what you are doing? Probably not. In fact, there might be a few days when they are upset and angry with you.

That’s okay. As I discuss on the program, I walk you through all the potential challenges you may encounter. Every possible challenge is addressed on Clean Rooms Made Easy program.


  • Your life can be easier.
  • You can get along better.
  • You can end the nagging, pushing and prodding and yelling.
  • Hours of future struggles can be eliminated.
  • Your kids can learn to be more responsible.
  • Your home can be cleaner and better organized.
  • There can be more time for what’s really important.

All of this is yours for under fifty dollars. Remember, there is no risk here. Buy this program, follow the guidelines, and see if it works for you. If you are not satisfied, send it back. You will get your money back.

Yes! Dr. Cale, I’m Ready To Have Clean Rooms!

  • I understand that if I use your professional, time proven step-by-step action plan, I will have a strategy for a cleaner, better organized home.
  • I understand that for only $17 I will be able to download immediately your life changing action plan…
  • I also understand I am backed by 365-day, 100% NO RISK GUARANTEE.

I Also Understand
This Package Includes:

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Clean Rooms Made Easy MP3 Program ($47.00 value)
INSTANT DOWNLOAD Clean Rooms Made Easy PDF Program ($47.00 value)

The Clean Rooms Made Easy Program For Only $94

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