Dear Frustrated Parent,

Do You Wish For An Answer To Your Defiant Strong-Willed Toddler, That Naturally Eliminates Power Struggles, Meltdowns And Battles?

Because sometimes, no matter how hard you try to understand your tot, he simple crosses the line. It drivers you mad. It stresses you. It frustrates you because you’re the parent but you can get a hold of your own home. And you shouldn’t feel bad because these things are part of parenthood.

That Doesn’t Mean You Should Continue Suffering.

Because frankly, you can do something about your child’s behavior. And you can discover that through this message in the next 3 minutes.

And what you’ll discover will change the way on how you look at parenting.

So Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

I’m Dr Randy Cale, Licensed Psychologist and for the past 25 years, I’ve helped families solve parenting problems.

And in that quarter of a century of dealing with parents and listening to their stories, I’ve uncovered a lot of problems that really put a family and parent’s will to test. Strong willed toddlers are among the top “problems.”

I learned a great deal studying for my PhD in Psychology. However, I’ve learned far more from the 7,000+ families I’ve helped during my more than two decades of clinical practice. Now I can share what I’ve learned, not just with my in-office parents and children, but with you- and thousands like you- who are desperate for a solution to their toddler’sdefiant and strong-willed behavior. Here’s just a small sample of the things I have been fortunate enough to stumble upon in my career…

“Key Lessons I Have Learned”

  1. How most parents sabotage “time outs” (while trying to do the right thing)
  2. Why kids don’t care if you punish them for bad behavior(especially defiant toddlers)
  3. When parents should stop reassuring a child (and most of us don’t know this secret to self-esteem)
  4. How to choose calm over “insanity” and keep your kids from stealing your peace of mind.
  5. Ways you can weed out the “bad behaviors” quickly, while nurturing the beginnings of cooperation.
  6. How to plant and nourish the seeds of good behavior and help your child want to do the right thing
  7. Why controlling the home environment ultimately brings your control over those stubborn, out-of-control moments (the true secret to teaching good behavior… rather than futile efforts to control your toddler)
  8. What structure means to a child and a family (NOT what you think!)
  9. When and how to use consequences as a way to improve your child’s behavior (the hush-hush bread and butter tools that keeps psychologist in business)

With your peace of mind and the development of your child as my focus – I’ve taken what I’ve learned from those 7,000 kids and their parents and turned it into a 10-15” a day parenting course you can listen (or watch) in the comfort of your home. Over a short seven day period, you will master the tools that get your child doing what you want her to do, when you want her to do it. The whole program will take only 90” of your time, and each day you will have tiny, small steps to take… and each one puts you back in control of your home!

Now Here’s Something Most Parents Aren’t Even Aware Of…

Mistakes made during the toddler years are difficult to correct later in life. The toddler years are considered formative and therefore, whatever happens during this stage can have a huge influence on the future of that child.

A lot of parents encounter difficulties managing their strong willed toddler.

But Here’s Something Even More Alarming…

Most parents assume that toddler struggles will just get better on their own! This is often a false assumption.
In reality, there is only one way for parents to “escape” the battles, struggles and the defiants.

You know what I’m talking about. You know very well what I mean when I say “struggles

Because You Are Living In This Exhausting And Frustrating Reality!

  • You’re frequently stressed because you often argue with your child over very little things
  • You fear that something might be wrong with him mentally but you’re afraid to have it verified nevertheless
  • You even have shouting matches with your spouse because you’re burned out taking care of the house and the toddlers
  • You don’t have peace of mind because you fear your home is crumbling down bit by bit everyday AND…
  • You’re starting to lose self confidence because you think it’s all your fault and that you’re doing a terrible job as a parent

And because of these struggles, parents often try to solve it the wrong way.

They battle with their toddler! At first, it might be a logical thing to do. After all, you’re the parent, you should be respected. So if he or she doesn’t obey, you argue with your child, right? Wrong!

Doing so will only influence him or her to engage in arguments. What’s worse if your toddler will carry that trait through his life. You’re educating him or her to be more stubborn.

So What’s The Right Way To Deal With A Strong Willed Toddler?

Here’s the simple answer: You can’t over power your toddler’s Strong Will! You know that already.

So to teach your toddler to listen, without defiants or resistants, we have to outsmart them… not over power them.

But wait, before you even think that this is simply a list of things you can “force” your toddler to do… NO it’s not.

What this message is all about you taking control of your own home again… using proven parenting strategies that work. They’ve worked for thousands of parents and families for the past 25 years and they will continue to work for the next 25 years.

5 Key Toddler Discipline Principles

Principle 1: Honor the gameplan. In order for Raising The Strong Willed Toddler to work, you must follow the program – to the letter. Take shortcuts and Raising The Strong Willed Toddler simply won’t work.

Principle 2: Talk is not the answer. Actions speak louder than words – especially when your child is being uncooperative, disruptive and disrespectful.

Principle 3: Resisting leads to persisting. The more you resist your child’s stubborn behavior, the more it will persist.

Principle 4: You cannot control your child, but you can control what your child cares about. Controlling the environment in which his defiance occurs is the key to gaining his cooperation.

Principle 5: This is learning process. Mastery over stubbornness is a learning process. Just because you eventually gain your child’s cooperation does not mean the problem has been solved. You must learn from each episode of defiance, and more importantly, your child must learn through your BETTER choices each time.

These same strategies are what you’ll learn in…

Parenting Your Strong Willed Toddler Audio Course


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This training course will give you proven methods (not some theory drawn from some psychology book) that will help you discipline your strong willed tot in the next week… or even sooner!

So How Would You Like To…

  • Obliterate tantrums, whining, and battles in less than a week
  • Say goodbye forever to useless yelling and “dancing on eggshells”
  • Channel your toddler’s energy to productive directions – not fighting with mom
  • Enjoy your toddler more & not think of yourself melting down
  • Have peace of mind knowing your child is growing up normally

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In Short, You’ll Discover A Systematic Approach To Child Discipline.

This is a proven formula for parenting, not some simple quick fix that works for a week. You’ll notice that your daily routines flow smoothly again. And those time consuming negotiations with your strong willed toddler? Gone!

This training course is literally everything you’ll need to regain control of your home and live a normal life again.

Here’s Why It’s Unlike Other Parenting Courses.

This training course is delivered in increments daily for 7 days. Each lesson is around 10 minutes long. Using small chunks instead of 1 huge course allows parents to fully digest everything. Therefore you’re sure that you won’t be overwhelmed by information. Goodbye information overload.

And because the lessons are 10 minutes max, even parents who live an extremely busy lifestyle will be able to fit this course in their tight schedules.

This is also a digital product. Therefore it is delivered instantly to your inbox. No more waiting for the delivery guy. No scratched CDs and DVDs. This also means you can immediately get Lesson 1 as soon as you order.

“You Have The Power… In Just…”

“10 Minutes A Day… To A More Well Behaved Child”

Before your child can improve his behavior, you must improve yours. By using Raising The Strong Willed Toddler, you can learn the step-by-step formula for gaining your child’s cooperation in just 10-15 minutes a day. You will also learn…

Psychologist’s Secrets You Will Learn!

  • How changing your attitude toward your child’s defiance is critical to your success
  • What you must start, stop,and continue doing today to get your child to cooperate
  • How to go from desperation mode to cooperation mode before things get out of hand/li>
  • How to handle your child’s most mule-stubborn, bullheaded moments
  • Ways to teach your child to cope with frustration
  • Why old models don’t work
  • How to stay calm in the face of calamity
  • How to avoid the two biggest mistakes you can make when using Raising The Strong Willed Toddler
  • What to do and say when your child’s strong will rears its ugly head in public
  • Ways to build your child’s self-esteem
  • What to never, ever say or do again if you want Raising The Strong Willed Toddler to work
  • How to stop listening to unhelpful advice
  • Why Raising The Strong Willed Toddlerworks when other solutions don’t

And If That’s Not Enough, Here’s Something Extra From Me.

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As my gift to you, I’m including my A-Z collection of parenting articles. This is a group of over 32 articles that will provide you with the strong foundation for how to respond to a wide variety of situations.

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Many times when children lack confidence, they either put forth less than full effort or abandon their work altogether. In other words, when you lack confidence, you give up more easily because you don’t believe you can do it.

The Confident Child explains the secrets to raising a child with unstoppable self-confidence and a powerful sense of self-esteem. With a few simple changes, you’ll be able to ensure that your child grows up strong, confident, and secure. All for no additional cost with your purchase of Raising The Strong Willed Toddler.

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Why Am I Doing This?

For the past 25 years, I’ve seen parents cry in pain because they can’t handle their stubborn toddlers. Some families even break up with parenting as one of the main reasons. And I’ve had enough of it. If I can save another family today, then I would have fulfilled my mission in life.

But I can’t possibly reach everyone via personal counseling even if I wanted to. That’s why I’m sharing the message via this training course.

What Is The Value Of A Peaceful, Easeful Home Life?

Many would say… PRICELESS.

Because in reality, what does this course mean for you? Does it mean you become a better parent? parent? (Yes!) Does it mean your child will listen better? (Yes!) Does it mean fewer battles and less defiants? (Yes!) Getting this course right now is a significant step toward bringing more peace, harmony and cooperation to your home. It’s ensuring that your child grows up the right way.

Because at the end of the day, you are still a parent. And nothing makes you more happy than seeing your children happy, well behaved and successful. This course helps you achieve that.

To your family’s happiness,

Dr Randy Cale PhD
Licensed Psychologist

P.S.: You only get to raise your children once. Now is your chance to make sure you get it right. Order Raising The Strong Willed Toddler and get ready for a future of cooperation and good behavior that will make you the proudest parent on the block.

P.S. Remember: You risk everything… if you take no action. Now is your chance, to get started on a better future. RISK Free.

P.S. Finally, this solution may not be for you, if you get to this point and are still debating. Sorry…but I doubt that this is the program for your family if you are hesitating after going through all this information. That’s just reality. However…

If you feel certain you need an answer, and this is it…then here’s your chance. Just know I will stand behind you 100%, and together, we will turn things around.

Here’s the download link again:

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This is an instant download package for $37

Click it now. Don’t hesitate anymore and start parenting your strong willed toddler better from today.

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