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Covid-19: A Thief to Many Things…But Your Happiness?

Covid-19 is on everyone’s mind.  It’s virtually impossible for it not to be. And, this dreadful virus is affecting many aspects of your life, and your children’s lives.  It is impacting employment, savings accounts, travel, dining, health care, sports…and...

Why Choose Growth and Contribution?

What happens to us when we pursue success with energy and arduous effort?  Most find the benefits of success, typically including financial stability and all the material components that come with it.  We can also experience the benefits psychologically of...

Teaching Kids To Seek Growth Over Ease

Life is inevitably filled with challenges. And it is through those challenges that we learn, grow and evolve. One catch: Often the challenge brings some degree of discomfort, in the form of stress or anxiety. The question becomes: What do we focus on? One option is to...

Parents: We Can’t Escape What We Model!

One of my adult coaching clients was recently talking about his son’s growing negativity, how he couldn’t stand to be around him and how his son always had to have the last word. I noticed how my client was using his time with me: complaining about his son...

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How to Protect Your Family from Screen Addiction

How to Protect Your Family from Screen Addiction

Screen addiction might seem like a really hard thing to combat in today’s day and age. It is something that many families feel as if it is consuming their family. Therefore, to stop this from happening, you must get creative. The best thing to avoid screen addiction...

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