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It’s Time: Start Those Good School Habits Now

If you believe that success in school usually leads to a better life for kids (and most parents do!), then it’s time to get a more precise strategy for managing the daily routines.

“Smile…And The Whole World Smiles With You.”

On those days when all is going well, and you can’t help but smile at the world, I am sure you have found that the whole world does smile with you. Funny things happen without seeking them.

Drama, Drama Everywhere: Why the Big Deal?

Is all this drama going to serve our children?

Motivated Toward The Desired? Or Away-From The Unwanted?

How do we motivate ourselves toward new tasks and activities that we know will serve us? Especially when these endeavors inevitably bring us challenges. And yet, it is through these challenging moments that we are given the opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve. Agreed?

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“My Child Won’t Listen… What Should I Do?”

“My Child Won’t Listen… What Should I Do?”

As kids get older and mature with a dysregulated set of behaviors and emotions, home life can get miserable.  Equally important, the child’s life is on a trajectory of misery and struggle, and no one wants that for their child.  Thus, we must think about what genuinely changes an out-of-control child and that brain that is causing such misery at home…

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Thanksgiving:  Tips for Nurturing Gratitude at Home

Thanksgiving: Tips for Nurturing Gratitude at Home

Let’s consider giving and gratitude. The very act of giving, when offered without hope for reward or return, brings fascinating benefit. Even when feeling some ‘lack’ in our lives, these moments of giving yield a reward of immense gratitude, instantly and automatically. It just flows into us with overwhelming feelings of warmth and appreciation.

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