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fear-based parenting

How Fear-Based Parenting Fails Your Children

What is Fear-Based Parenting? Worries and anxieties about your child and their future all stem from fear. These fears lead to repetitive parenting actions that undermine your child’s general sense of well-being. We often have elaborate excuses and justifications for...

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house…

Thanksgiving or Grumpsgiving: What Will It Be?

This time of year is full of repeated, annoying messages on Gratitude and Giving Thanks for our many

It’s Time: Start Those Good School Habits Now

If you believe that success in school usually leads to a better life for kids (and most parents do!), then it’s time to get a more precise strategy for managing the daily routines.

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“My Child Won’t Listen… What Should I Do?”

“My Child Won’t Listen… What Should I Do?”

As kids get older and mature with a dysregulated set of behaviors and emotions, home life can get miserable.  Equally important, the child’s life is on a trajectory of misery and struggle, and no one wants that for their child.  Thus, we must think about what genuinely changes an out-of-control child and that brain that is causing such misery at home…

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