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The Outside Game Part II: Discipline

We all understand the role of discipline in creating a successful journey through life. Yet, many parents struggle with teaching discipline to their kids. In part two of this series, I will discuss the role of parental discipline in forming the glue that binds the...

Which Game Do We Focus On?

When speaking to parents with challenging children, there is often an urgency to address the specifics of what to do when a problem behavior shows up. In other words, the understandable desire is to fix the problem right now. After all, you want an answer when your...

Why Good Advice & Counseling Doesn’t Work.

Many families seeking change for their children arrive after trying many other routes to help their children. Whether it's anxiety that just gets worse, tantrums that have grown to an explosive level, unmotivated teens who won't do anything, escalating attentional...

Study the Roots or Enjoy The Fruits. You Choose.

Many years ago, I heard the saying: You have a choice: You can live life studying the roots…or enjoy the fruits. But you can't do both." Of course, it's never a complete, simple dichotomy. It's just a pointer to options in daily living. But you might ask, how exactly...

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