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Managing Kids and School During These Tough Times

“While it is essential to be compassionate, as life is atypical right now, it is equally important to stay focused only on problems that you can solve. To repeatedly grumble about the state of things, when there is nothing to do about it, is a sure-fire way to misery.”

One Great Misery Formula: Wasted Questions.

There are parenting strategies that work. You can change your child’s habits, get them to listen, and go to bed on time, and get siblings to get along, and get through homework and responsibilities without a battle.

Child Discipline is NOT a Dirty Word, Not an Outdated Concept and Certainly Not Your Enemy.

This is more germane now than ever, given our lives under COVID. Parents are often describing home where children struggle with acting out, losing their temper, and treating family members poorly. Often more miserable than happy, these children have parents ‘dancing’...

We Are Making It Harder Because…

“How do we best prepare them and instill a sense of inner strength, toughness, or perhaps what many call GRIT?”  

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Turning Your Thoughts Around?

Turning Your Thoughts Around?

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Habits, Choices, and Destiny

Habits, Choices, and Destiny

After many years in practice, the benefit of following both parents and children over the years (and sometimes decades) adds depth to the findings in the clinical literature. It becomes fascinating to watch as habits patterns emerge, and impact upon future lives....

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