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Be Free from Anxiety: Master How You Breathe

In recent years, there is an explosion of children and adults struggling with anxiety disorders. These range from anxiety disorders that are uncomfortable to those that lead to disabling fears and panic symptoms. Turning to medications for a solution is often filled...

What’s The Fuss About ‘Questions?’

Our minds seem to be incessantly creating questions to be answered.  We engage in this inner dialogue, answering the internal questions and following the train of thought.  The question controls our energy and attention!

Pattern Recognition: One Key Distinction to Helping Your Child

Pattern recognition is exactly what it implies:  Noticing patterns of behavior or emotion, and the behavioral or emotional consequences that are paired with those choices.  Thus, it is essential to include both child and adult behaviors and emotions in any behavioral issue.

The End to Arguments & Negotiations

Many of us have been (falsely) taught that children need a stronger voice in making decisions in their life.  We hear the battle cry:  “Give kids more choice.”  And so we listen and turn to our children to offer them more choice.

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