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Why Consequences Don’t Work: It’s All About Proximity.

Some prospective clients seeking Neurofeedback to improve their child's behavior report problems with their child's inability to regulate behavior.  Parents report, 'Consequences just don't work for my son...something is wrong in their brain.' At times, we find...

Thanksgiving: The Expression of Gratitude

Imagine my delight when reminded of the definition of 'Thanksgiving.' It's more than just a holiday; it means the 'expression of gratitude.' Such a simple definition may seem unremarkable initially, but I invite you to dig into this with me. Why Gratitude is Important...

Optimize Life by Utilizing Natural Brain Tendencies

In recent years, research has revealed an essential tendency in our brains. Utilizing this propensity can give us more control over our lives and bring us more of what we want. The Primacy Effect Whatever captures our attention NOW takes precedence over everything...

Stop Trying To Make It Easier

In this persistently challenging world, don't you wonder how best to successfully equip our children to navigate these rough waters of life?   Indeed, no simple answer will come close here.  Yet, it seems that we find ourselves daily lamenting about these tougher...

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The Dangers of Unlimited Phone Use

The Dangers of Unlimited Phone Use

In today's digital era, teenagers are practically married to their phones. As parents look on, perhaps with a sigh of relief that their teenager is quiet and preoccupied, there is an underlying problem. Some of us have acknowledged this problem, but not many. This...

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The Backfire: How Good Intentions Turn South!

The Backfire: How Good Intentions Turn South!

If you have been reading this column for a while, you will recognize this 'Cale Truism' that I have addressed from many angles: Your superpower as a parent resides in your mastery of how you use your attention. What you repeatedly focus upon with your attention will...

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