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Dear Parent,

If you’d like to avoid the common mistakes that harm your kids, learn powerful character building secrets and experience the joy of seeing your child thrive, then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why: Most parenting advice fails to touch the surface of what really works. My newsletters are chock full of practical, proven guidance that everyone can put to use! It’s real… and it works!

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1. As a Licensed Psychologist specializing in parenting, I have worked with thousands of families…and have helped solve every conceivable parenting dilemma. My experience allows me to offer the most powerful, state-of-the-art parenting advice you will find on the web.

2. The difference between my newsletter and the others you may read is simply this: I keep it real, and I make sure it’s been tested and that it works. No psycho-babble…real advice that you can put to work today.

3. Over 97% of my email subscribers remain with me. Why? Because (they tell me) that these newsletters contain practical information about real parenting challenges…and they work!

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive with my newsletter:

• Practical, proven guidance that makes you more effective
• State of the art information delivered free to your home
• Timely articles answer urgent parenting questions
• Advice is easy to read, and you can put it to use immediately
• You discover the true power you have to help your kids

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When you subscribe to my parenting newsletter, “This Is Terrific Parenting,” you get something you can’t get anywhere else on the web: Life-changing advice that really works to create more responsible and joy-filled kids.

Remember: I want to become your personal parenting coach.

I want to be there any time you need help… with articles, information, seminars, and products that will help you and your kids get through the most mundane to the most difficult of times. I want to be the resource where you find a reliable compass in the storm of life…to help keep things on track.

And the good news for you…you can get this coaching right now! The special report is ….in reality…. a mini-course in boosting your child’s self-esteem!

You don’t get a watered-down version of what I do with my families that I coach. Instead, you get it all. You learn the secrets of Terrific Parenting that many parents willingly pay good money for…in order to get help for their kids.

You also get timely articles on current issues, from Back to School articles to Holiday help to guidance on dealing with crises in the news. You get it all…and delivered to you free!

In addition, when you subscribe now, you get my free special report, The 12 Secrets of Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem!

This report alone is a mini-course on how to eliminate the mistakes that can destroy your child’s self-esteem. More importantly, I walk you through the precise actions you can take to build a strong sense of self-confidence! It’s a free report you don’t want to miss…and it’s yours free…when you subscribe!

Here’s my guarantee: If my one-of-a-kind, practical newsletter doesn’t provide you with state-of-the-art parenting help that brings more peace and happiness into your life…you can fire me! That’s right…you can fire me! You just click “unsubscribe” on any newsletter and I will disappear from your inbox! (Sad for me…but it’s your life…and your email box…not mine!).

And guess what: You still get to keep the FREE Special Report that could change the way your child views themself…and you risk nothing.

That’s right. You risk absolutely nothing…and have everything to gain for your family.

And finally… of course… you hate spam…and I hate spam. If you sign up, I guarantee that no one will get your email address except me! That’s my promise!

You don’t have to decide now to keep your subscription forever…just get it now…and try it out. If you aren’t completely satisfied, if your family isn’t better off from the information you get for free, or if you don’t absolutely love it, or if you don’t find life-changing benefit’s in each and every newsletter…just unsubscribe! You have nothing to lose…and everything to gain!

Sign-up now for my state-of-the-art parenting newsletter, and receive the limited edition free Special Report on The 12 Secrets of Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem. Just fill in your name and email address below, and then click “Subscribe”.

More Subscribers Feedback

“The best newsletter on parenting you will find on the web…”

Ann (mother of 3) from Buffalo

“We love your newsletter! It’s not only practical and we can read it…but it works! Just keep it coming…”

Jim, father of three

“Bottom Line: Because it works. That’s been my experience. Five other psychologists have tried to help my son…and nothing else worked. Thank you Dr Cale. You saved our son…and you saved our family.”

Barb, Mother of two in Blended Family

“After following Dr Randy Cale’s parenting techniques and guides, my home life became a happier more tranquil place. Communication has increased between family members. The number of assumptions and accusations towards other have diminished. The children have begun to take some personal accountability in their homework, chores and each other.

My home has become a wonderful place to be at the end of a hard day at work. Life is sweeter all the way round. Take his advice, be open minded, as simple as it is to read his advice, you have to bring back what you learn and use it. Let go of your old ways and watch the behavior of your children turn around. Be patient and watch for the results. It’s amazing how simple the concepts are and it works! My family is living proof.”

Heather, divorced mother of two, Florida

To your parenting success,

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Randy L. Cale, PhD
Licensed Psychologist

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