Discover Dr Cale’s Parent Coaching Secret That Will Put An End To
That Annoying, Constant Whining And Complaining!

“And Then One Day, I Suddenly Realized That The Solution Was As Simple As Apple Pie! Every Child I Have Worked With Since That Moment Has Stopped Their Whining Within A Week Or Less… With My Wipe Out Whining Formula.”

My step-by-step Wipe Out Whining action plan teaches your child to ask without whining, and they learn quickly to deal with disappointments… all WITHOUT ANY therapy!

  • Even if – you’ve unsuccessfully tried other approaches that worked for a while and then stopped.
  • Even if – your child’s whining is so bad you want to pull out your hair.
  • Even if – your son or daughter is unusually strong-willed, stubborn or even diagnosed with some other condition.

A Radically Different
Approach To Whining

Hi! My name is Dr Randy Cale, and I’m a Licensed Psychologist who has specialized in helping parents with their children for the past 23 years. I’ve assisted hundreds and hundreds of families, just like you, overcome problem whining.

Look, I have listened to countless children whine to their parents while in my waiting room. It’s not even my child, and I still can’t stand it.

I don’t know about you, but I find myself kind a sensitive to that annoying, obnoxious and Cale media box frustrating way of asking for something… and NEVER TRYING TO USE THEIR BIG BOY/GIRL VOICE! It is a very real… and very frustrating problem. We give our kids love, care, attention – and all the things they need and want – and yet, they somehow still seem to find fault, sometimes even in themselves!

It really drives me crazy to listen to children whining to their parents. Initially when i began my practice, I didn’t have the tools or the experience to help families with these whining struggles. As a behavioral expert however, I became obsessed with finding a solution to stop the whining… not just for my patients… but for ME!

And then one day, I suddenly realized that the solution was as simple as apple pie, and every child I have worked with since has stopped their whining within a week or less…. when mom or dad has practiced my Wipe Out Whining formula.

Since that day, I have tested and retested this formula, and now it is a very precise and simple parenting strategy that works. This approach has now been proven with hundreds and hundreds of children, with all variations of whining problems, from the most typical to most extreme.

“Dr Cale, We purchased your Wipe Out Whining guide whining last week, and the whining is completely gone… in a little over a WEEK!

We are so happy, we want to buy more of your products… You can tell everyone that Mark LaBelle said so! It been a miracle in our home to live in PEACE AGAIN… and that is no exaggeration! Thank you Dr Cale.”

– Mark LaBelle

Mom… Dad… This E-Book Was Made Just For YOU!

Here’s what I mean. Before completing the most recent version of my Wipe Out Whining Guide, I asked parents (just like you) online to tell me about their concerns. Here’s what a few of them wrote (see if these sound familiar because my Wipe Out Whining Guide will handle every one of these situations… and more):

“Why do they whine? We have tried everything from being quiet to screaming, the “nice chair” to spankings. Soap in the mouth… Nothing works. Talking about it, getting on their level. I whining can’t stand it. My kids whine before asking a simple question. We are very social and they are embarrassing. Much worse when others are around. Aged 3 and 4.5. The kids are angels when alone. HELP”


— Angela B.

Or is it more like this?

“The whining is constant over the silliest and the smallest of issues. My son who will be 4 august 14th, 2008, whines from the time he gets up and until he goes to bed at night. He does not whine unless he is at home and he does not whine around other adults.”


— Kim N.

Maybe this is more like your situation?

“I have tried everything: time out, taking away toys, talking, and etc. My daughter is four and she whines about almost everything. She started about a month or two ago. But the main concern is she has a little sister that is picking up on her habits, she is three. It will drive me crazy if they both start whining together, it does now with just one.”


— Amada

So you see… this book was written for you. I included information to address every question and challenge that comes with a whining child (there were 42 completely different variations of whining questions… and all are addressed by the Wipe Out Whining formula). Look, it’s very likely that the common advice doesn’t seem to work, with YOUR CHILD… and you wonder why? You have tried everything (you think). You have negotiated. You have been kind. You have tried to talk it out. You have tried being firm. You have gotten angry. You softly get down on their level. You have gotten frustrated, and you have done the time-out thing!

Nothing is working… and it’s really frustrating… right!

And do you wonder if something is wrong… with your son? Your daughter? With YOU???

But guess what there is nothing wrong with anyone here. When I first started helping other parents who had children who were out of control, I just followed the traditional ways I had learned and used myself. Sometimes this strategy worked, and sometimes it didn’t. Then I tried other approaches I had been taught in graduate school, and again… it was hit or misses especially with certain children.

Then, I discovered the key! It was like a hidden secret ingredient that made everything come together. I would like to claim some genius ability in pulling this out of all my research and experience, but that is not the case.

After working with so many families, and listening to the stories of whining and tantrums over and over… I just stumbled upon this critical lesson. This ONE ESSENTIAL CHANGE is the big “Ah-ha” that every parent must make to rapidly and predictably stop whining… regardless of whether your child is 3 or 13!

This may surprise you: The truth is that most of what causes whining to get worse is the misleading, and inaccurate advice you are given in magazines, books and yes even your pediatrician’s office. When you discover how easily you can change whining behavior you just may want to write a few letters of your own! Happy mom and son

Okay, I did say “how easily you can stop whining…” didn’t I?

Well, compared to another day of that endless whining… this will be a walk in the park.

Compared to hearing your 4 or 6 or 9 year old sounding like they are 2 again… my Wipe Out Whining Formula will save your sanity, your peace of mind and moment upon moment of wasted, frustrated energy.

Yet, I don’t want to deceive you here there will be a few tough days ahead… and for a select few of you, you may have a week or so where you have to stick firmly to the action plan.

But the learning is quick, and the change becomes immediately noticed… even with the most stubborn and oppositional kids. My system works, and it works quickly. I guarantee it (see how completely true this is as you keep reading farther down the page).

First Let Me Tell You What My Wipe Out Whining Easy To Use Action Plan Is NOT

  • It does not require any new gadgets, or the idea of a magical tool.
  • It is not some ordinary advice, this works with every child and every personality.
  • It does not require long hours of sessions and counseling.
  • It does not cost a fortune. Not just being the greatest solution for treating whining ever, it’s also the cheapest, costing much less than your lunch out with the family.

About Whining And Your Child

You are not alone…

Kids usually begin to whine as babies and when they first start learning to communicate, and while whining seems to be more prevalent in young toddlers, it’s when kids don’t quit whining or start whining more as they age when it becomes a problem.

Whining is a learned behavior. Kids start to realize that if they whine and complain enough, they can sometimes get their way… or at least some attention. And then they start to use whining as part of the way they communicate.

Basically, they have learned how to whine and have used it successfully a time or two… so they have decided to use it more and more. They have taught themselves that one successful way to communicate is to whine.

Parents: Take The One And Only…“Whining Is Driving Me Crazy” Quiz

Scan the questions below to see if your child could drive you over the edge of sanity, and lead you to early memory loss, excessive graying of your hair, or complete loss of your ability to keep your head from spinning in circles… because of your child’s whining

  • Your child whines and complains almost daily (about self, others, or things in their life) if not many times daily.
  • Everything you’ve tried to stop the whining, complaining and negative attitude hasn’t worked, or it only works for a few days.
  • You are embarrassed to admit to other parents how much your child whines.
  • Everytime your child asks for almost anything, they have that whining voice. Even correcting them makes no difference.
  • You sometimes worry that your child may have self esteem issues and/or an emotional problem because of all the whining
  • You feel exhausted from the frustration of trying to stop your child from complaining and whining
  • You really feel that you don’t know how to solve the whining, complaining and negative comments your child frequently makes, and you feel you need HELP NOW.

The Super-Duper Ultimate Test Question of Whether You Must Get Help Now… or Your Head Will Spin Off Soon:

  • No one else sees this but you and your spouse or partner. In fact, the school thinks that you are perhaps already ‘losing

Okay… where do you fall? Are you on your way to the looney bin? Do you need real help?

“I Will Bet That Whining Is Driving You Crazy…If You Answered Yes To Even One Of Those Questions.”

All joking aside… how many of those questions did you check? Even one YES likely means that whining is a real problem, and you need real help… not more wasted time reading poorly written articles on the web.

If you are still reading you likely know that kids can easily get hooked into a pattern of whining almost all the time… and you didn’t do anything wrong! I know it is enough to drive anyone crazy.

It probably wouldn’t be so bad if the whining and complaining didn’t happen so often and so loud… and with such relentless persistence. You have argued with the whining. You have corrected those hundreds upon hundreds of times… and still they whine. You have pleaded with the whining that turns to complaining.

You know how absolutely frustrating an out of control whining child can be!

Bottom line: You have had many moments of feeling stressed out and exhausted trying to deal with the whining voice, and more of the whining voice… and even more! Whine. Whine. Whine. You know the stress.

We work hard to “do it right,” and to keep our children on track for success and happiness. We worry about their self esteem and their outlook on life. We manage every detail of their life with as much time and attention as we can give. We do our best, and know (in our hearts) that they really have little to complain about! And yet they do!

If you are worried about your child whining as way of life, and as a way of asking…then you are likely ready for something different.

The Truth That’s Shocking To Many Parents Is That Trying To When You Try To Force Your Child To Quit Whining Or Try To Talk Your Child Out Of Whining, You Almost Always Get More Whining—- Not Better Behavior!

Just because your child whines like crazy doesn’t mean your child isn’t normal or that you’re a bad parent. We just have to break their pattern of whining. It’s really that simple.

We just can’t force a child to change a learned behavior, such as whining, but we can use simple steps and an easy to follow guide to teach a child to change.

I know how nerve-wracking this can be. Trust me… I have seen and heard it more times than smiling hip boy you can imagine! Yet, within 7-10 days your home will be calmer, happier, quieter… and your kids will be more at peace… if you give me a chance to help you.

I’ll show you the amazing, tested and proven formula I’ve used with every type of child and situation to end whining and complaining forever!

The principles you’ll learn in my Wipe Out Whining step-by-step guide will show you how to solve the whining problem by simply shifting your focus, making a few adjustments in your home… and then sitting back and watch your child learn. There’s nothing more for you to do… it’s really one or two HUGE mistakes that we must correct… if the whining is to go away quicky…

Why My Wipe Out Problem Whining Guide Will Work For Your Child

The principles I uncover to you in this program have been tested, refined and proven to work for every type of child (ADD and strong-willed included, of course!), every type of personality (sensitive kids to shy kids to angry kids), and every type of parent.

Even in divorce situations, where your time is split, you will see results! Remember: Wipe Out Whining Guide has worked for the hundreds and hundreds of families I’ve worked with in my more than 20 years or specializing in child psychology.

The type of whining and complaining behaviors that makes us feel worried, fed-up and frustrated as parents is usually in our face day in and day out.

Do Any Of These Situations Sound Familiar?

  • Everytime they ask, they whine! Some children can’t seem to talk to mom or dad without whining!
  • They might whine about their sibling, and won’t stop until you intervene.
  • They might whine about their food, and won’t stop until you fix something different.
  • They might whine about their homework, and won’t stop until you guide them through it. And when you do, they whine and complain about the way you help them!
  • They might whine about their teacher, complain about their coach, or say negative things about mom and dad.
  • They might just seem to whine about everything they have, and everything they don’t have. When they do get the thing they have begged, pleaded and whined about… you find they are now whining about IT two weeks later. You can’t win!

Are you ready to try something that will end the whining that is driving you crazy, causing problems, and constantly stressing you out?

I’m sure you know by now that comforting your child, or reasoning, or arguing or even begging and pleading aren’t going to stop the vicious cycle of whining you are facing… and it’s just going to keep getting worse!

Why? Because all of your efforts to make it better, no matter how good the intentions, are likely making it worse!

In my Wipe Out Whining step-by-step guide, you will learn why all of those tactics are a huge mistake.

How I Can Help You Break This Bad Whining Habit Once And For All

In my work with thousands of families, I have seen how upset, how maddening, how demanding and uncooperative children can become. It is a very, very serious problem and anyone who says. “Oh… they will grow out of it” does not understand.

With more persistent whining, children will not just grow out of it. Again, the reason is because most of us fall into habits that actually feed that whining monster! And if you don’t get the whining under control they will become louder, longer, more frequent and sometimes even violent. As your child gets older and does not grow out of whining then it can cause disastrous strains on you and your family, their schoolwork and even their social interactions.

It’s Not Your Fault

Just because your child whines doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you as a parent. It also doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your child.

It does mean that there is problem in the pattern your child has developed. And the good news is that you can change your pattern and finally get rid of whining for good in about a week’s time!

Please Be Aware Of These Common Mistakes And Learn How To Avoid Them!

  • Mimicking Your Child’s Whining
  • Getting Your Child To Look You In The Eye
  • Taking Away Something They Look Forward To Yelling at Them
  • Spanking, or threatening them
  • Refusing to Give Them What They Want
  • Giving Them What They Want
  • Arguing
  • Fighting With Them To Go to Time Out
  • Calling Their Father, Mother Or Grandparent to Reprimand
  • Trying To Soothe Them
  • Asking Most Psychologists (Who Are Not Parenting Experts)
  • Reading A Book Written By a Mom or Dad Who Self-Proclaim To Be Parenting Experts
  • Finding 37 Different Opinions Online… All Different and Confusing

As you have probably seen for yourself, preventing and stopping whining using these methods can be very difficult, if not impossible. You know that simply being firm doesn’t do it. You know that taking away toys or “goodies” doesn’t do it. You know that time outs and punishments don’t work.

You know that soothing or comforting the whining child is a solution for the moment… but brings you no peace or comfort over the long term.

Ready To Try The ‘Wipe Out Whining’
Action Guide For Yourself?

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How To Stop Whining!

If you want the whining to stop, you must have a clear game plan to change things. If you don’t have a clear game plan, you will fall into old patterns, and end up making things worse with half-baked ideas and ill-conceived strategies.

You actually end up losing control of your home and your life. You find yourself dancing around your child’s demands, and feeling embarrassed and angered that you don’t have more control over things.

Ultimately, your child ends up “driving the bus”! The long term picture can get very ugly. Your whole world can end up revolving around futile, but exhausting, efforts to avoid conflict.

End Whining Before It Grows Into Something Much Worse

Before deciding that you really need to do this now… not later… just pause for a second: Can you actually imagine a teenage body, with teenage hormones, reacting with teenage emotions, but filled with uncontrolled teenage-size whining? It’s UGLY!

You may not want to imagine this scene… because I have seen it and I understand. It’s beyond ugly. It’s beyond painful. It’s beyond your worst nightmare. Family life is lost. Futures are needlessly surrendered to detention, constant mental health counseling, endless timeouts, and threats of family court help just to bring sanity to the home.

But you can prevent that scene by taking action now!

Ready To Try The ‘Wipe Out Whining’
Action Guide For Yourself?

Regular Price $170.95 Today $37

This is an instant download package
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You Deserve Better…And Your Child Deserves A Better Future

With an understanding of the lessons I have learned over the years, you can alter the immediate and the long term future for you and your child. Not only do you save your time and energy, by not wasting it with endless theories that only work with some children some of the time but you get an action plan that includes the key ingredient that I have found essential to success for every whining child.

While I write this, I know some of you are skeptical and that’s okay. I probably would be too. But I have created a simple, step-by-step action plan that has helped hundreds and hundreds of parents, just like you, finally get peace in their own homes. The Wipe Out Whining Action Guide is an easy to follow action plan that will show you the secrets to end whining right now so you and your child can have a better, less stressful, more peaceful life… for only $37!

You see, from my side of things, I know that life can be better. Not next year. Not five years from now. Not after they graduate from high school. But things can be better in just a few days! Why would you keep suffering when relief is so close? I have seen it hundreds of times in working with every type of family, every style of parenting, and every variation of a strong willed or oppositional child. They all get it! Every child gets it… WHEN you get it.

What You Get With The Wipe Out Whining Step-By-Step Package

In the Wipe Out Whining Package, you get a downloadable ebook which you can read right away. You also get my Wipe Out Whining mp3 audio program, which you can listen to immediately. Then, Kids Getting Along in the Car ebook which you can read right away. In addition, as my gift to you, I have included my A-Z Collection of Parenting Articles — yours free with this package.

Let me break the package down for you:

Instant Download:
The Wipe Out Whining Step-By-Step Guide (Value $47)

In Wipe Out Whining Guide, I explain how to shift your reactions to their whining, so they can learn to ask without whining. They also learn to listen to you. You don’t force it… you allow them to learn! Once again… I repeat myself, but this is the secret. Setting up a home environment where you control what they care about in a way that they can learn quickly and easily… that’s it’s! It’s that simple.

I also give you the hidden key ingredient to your actions… that shift your child’s reactions. If you master this key ingredient… they will learn to change by following your lead. If you fail to master it… they will fail to master their emotions. In the Wipe Out Whining Action Guide, I explain how this works, and why your child’s short term AND long term future are dependent upon mastering emotions early in life.

Instant Download:
The Wipe Out Whining Audio Download MP3 (Value $47)

You also get instant access to my mp3 audio recording of this information. This information is closely aligned with the information in the guide book, it simply serves as an alternative learning tool to help you master this information.

This audio program gives you an alternative way to learn these vital lessons. You can download to your Ipod, your computer, or burn the mp3 to a CD and play it in your car. This $47 program is included FREE as a bonus with this new package.

Instant Download:
The A-Z Collection Of Parenting Tips (Value $47)

I am also providing you an amazing FREE Bonus with my A-Z Parenting Collection of Parenting Tips. This is a manual of published articles that I have selected from hundreds of articles I have written over the years. The goal is to give you as much information as possible to help you get through every future obstacle you may encounter. Many of these articles form the foundation for my other products.
These articles touch upon everything from daily routines, to homework struggles, to responsibilities, to respect and disrespect, and sibling choices. While not a comprehensive guide book with all these topics, each article does give you a clear sense of the mistakes that you can make, and how to correct them.

This guide (a $39.95 value) is included as a FREE bonus that you get to keep, even if you decide this program isn’t right for you.

Instant Download:
Kids Getting Along In The Car (Value $47)

While video games, and in the car DVD players have greatly eased travelling with the kids, there are many times when the whining continues to CRAZY LOUD LEVELS when you are in the car. GUESS WHAT: I have created a special Ebook just for this purpose. You can teach the kids to travel peacefully within a few short days…. and NEVER have to listen to the whining about stopping at McDonald’s or wanting to go home… or whatever. It’s another tested solution that works flawlessly!

This $47 program is also included FREE with your investment in the Wipe Out Whining Guide

The Wipe Out Whining Step-By-Step Guide, With Bonuses, Sells For $180.95. But You Don’t Pay Anything Close To That Today. You Pay Only $47.00 Today For The Whole Package. On Special For $37.00

I give so much in this package because I want you to not only get life changing information, but I want you as a life-time customer. You will have many questions that I can help you with, and once you see the value of these products, I feel certain that it is worth the risk. I want you to be happy, and I want you to keep reaching out for me when you have a need (I will show you how to do that).

9 Ways My Tested And Proven ‘Wipe Out Whining’ Guide Will Work For You And Your Child

  • You’ll discover exactly what to do, when to do it and exactly how to do it. No psychobabble to confuse you!
  • You will master a clear, simple plan that works for all ages and child personalities. No exceptions!
  • You will know precisely what to say to your child to make sure that the learning occurs quickly. A few powerful words only!
  • You will understand what you need to do in every situation, whether at home or in public.
  • You discover how to stop trying to avoid whining and use it to teach your child the proper way to react.
  • You discover how to respond so that your energy and attention isn’t wasted.
  • You discover how to stop working hard to solve things for them.
  • You will discover remarkably simple ways to control your environment.
  • You also discover how your peace of mind immediately helps to bring calmness to your child.

Stop Whining Cold

The Wipe Out Whining guide gives you a clear, straight forward game plan that tells you exactly what you need to do and how to do it. No more theory and untested approaches. You get the formula that works time and time again. This plan is different. The results you get end child whiningwill be different… it will transform your home. I promise it, and stand behind your investment.

Look, I want to be very clear with you in your struggle with whining. This step-by-step guide brings you a solution that works the wide majority of time. If it doesn’t work for you, you will see that I stand behind this unconditionally. It either works like it has for hundreds of families and you wake up a week or so from now realizing that this was an amazing bargain, or you let me know it didn’t work for you, and get your money back.

By the way, if you were to consult with me to get this information, it would likely involve 4-6 sessions of family therapy at a cost of $680.00 to $1020.00. You get the advantage of this information that distills years of clinical experience into a simple, practical guide… with a proven track record. But I’m not charging $1020.00 for this valuable resource (I’m only charging a fraction of that for Wipe Out Whining step-by-step guide).

Ready To Try The ‘Wipe Out Whining’
Action Guide For Yourself?

Regular Price $170.95 Today $37

This is an instant download package
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Dr. Cale’s Big 3

“3 Really BIG Reasons Why You Should Invest Now, And Try The Bye-Bye Bedtime Battles Program… While You Still Can!”

  1. Do you REALLY want to keep struggling with bedtimes when you can be over this in a week or so?
    My grandmother always told me, The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, and even worse is doing nothing at all.
  2. Because you are frustrated and tired of that useless whining, I invite you to imagine a home free of those battles, the yelling, the meltdowns… and then decide if that relief isn’t worth at least 100 times the cost of this amazing step-by-step action plan.
  3. In the time it takes to read another useless article promoting ideas never really tested, you can download this action plan, and be on your way to a happier home. Please don’t procrastinate, I want to help you… and this action plan will give you the tools to teach your child to end those whining… for good!

Here’s the deal. Invest in this guide. Follow the detailed plan. You can easily test the guide for yourself… and follow the clear directions. Once you’ve used these strategies in your own home, I’m confident you will want to keep it.

But, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you won’t be out one red cent. Just return the course and we’ll refund the cost of the Guide. It’s that simple.

I often wonder why parents hesitate to take action now… since the benefit of this guide will bring daily peace to your home and ensure your child stops whining. For less than a couple of movie tickets you get Wipe Out Whining guide sent directly to your email, there is no waiting and no shipping cost.

And there’s no risk for you! If you apply the principles in this guide, and it doesn’t work for you… just send me an email and you will get your money back!

What You Need To Do Right Now

You can end the struggle, frustration, and anger that whining causes. It’s all up to you, if you are ready to discover the secrets then you need to order Wipe Out Whining guide today.

You will instantly have access to Wipe Out Whining guide that gives you the tools to stop whining and get back your life. It’s not like they grow out of it. Unless you show them the way, whining will just continue to get worse.

Order right now and give your child and yourself the life you both deserve… you really have nothing to lose but the maddening whining that is wrecking your sanity…

Yes! Dr. Cale, I’m Ready To End Whining Today!

  • I understand that if I use your professional, time proven step-by-step action plan, I will have a strategy to end whining once and for all.
  • I understand that for only $37 I will be able to download immediately your life changing action plan that will teach me to get rid of whining and…
  • I also understand I am backed by 365-day, 100% NO RISK GUARANTEE.

I Also Understand
This Package Includes:

INSTANT DOWNLOAD The Wipe Out Whining Step-by-Step Guide ($47.00 value)
INSTANT DOWNLOAD The Wipe Out Whining Audio Download MP3 ($47.00 value)
INSTANT DOWNLOAD The A-Z Collection of Parenting Tips Session ($29.95 value)
INSTANT DOWNLOAD Kids Getting Along in the Car ($47.00 value)

The ‘Wipe Out Whining’ Program And Free Bonuses For $170.95

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You really can end your frustration and worries over your child’s negative remarks, whining voice and complaining attitude. You just need to do something that works… not just for a few days… but a permanent solution that calms and brings more peace to your child!

If whatever you’ve tried in the past to get your child to stop whining and complaining always leads back to your child whining and complaining even more, you need what has worked for hundreds of parents in your frustrating, exhausting situation… you need the Wipe Out Whining Guide. It works! And I stand behind it with my 100% unconditional money back guarantee.

To your success,

Randy L. Cale, PhD
Licensed Psychologist

P.S. – The Wipe Out Whining Guide has brought relief to hundreds of parents and ended their constant exhaustion and worry over their child’s excessive whining and complaining behaviors because the program really works to stop the whining and complaining!

P.P.S. – If you follow the clear plan in the Wipe Out Whining Guide, your family can be a success story too! Remember that you’re completely covered by my guarantee – if you’re not happy with the program for any reason, simply return the program to receive a full refund. No questions asked!

P.P.P.S. – If you are dealing with a whining, complaining child, and want relief… you have found a solution here. The only question now is whether or not you recognize that your search has been successful, and that you have no risk if you buy this proven program to end the whining and complaining.

Regular Price $170.95 Today $37

This is an instant download package
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