Greetings. I want to welcome you to a new series of articles, focused first on explaining the fundamentals of Terrific Parenting. These are the principles that allow you to build responsibility, nurture optimism and teach your children to enjoy the self-fulfilling rewards of the right effort.

After laying out these principles over the weeks ahead, I will then dig into making those principles practical: In other words, how do we apply these in daily life so that you can build healthy habits of success in your home.

For those of you who have followed Terrific Parenting, you may have noticed a pause in my writing. This was due primarily to health-related challenges. I have been humbled, and have a much greater daily appreciation for the gift of vitality, energy, and just simply … feeling good! I aspire to add more tools for building appreciation, happiness, and optimism into my writings and will create a separate series later this spring on these topics.

As my health is now back on track, I begin this series by outlining the first of 12 principles to be revealed in the weeks ahead. These posts will expand upon the content I am creating for The Saratogian.