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Give It Your Best Effort: One Key to Your Child’s Happiness

In recent years, there has been an alarming tendency to find adolescents and young adults seeking only the path of ease. In other words, when allowed to apply real effort to learn, grow, or improve...they choose to 'sit it out.' Certainly, a contributor to this is the...

We Don’t Own Our Phones. They Own Us.

The evidence is mounting, painting a stark picture of the ever-growing dominance of cell phones in our lives. A mere five years ago, a study involving volunteers who installed a tracking app on their phones revealed an average usage of 85 times a day. Today, the data...

One Strategy To Change the Quality of Your Life

I must admit that my to-do list inevitably grows more extensive than the hours of my day. I see that a meaningful, active life perhaps pulls for that. I also see others who share incomplete lists at the end of the day. In a busy world, this is quite common. Stressed...

The Outside Game Part II: Discipline

We all understand the role of discipline in creating a successful journey through life. Yet, many parents struggle with teaching discipline to their kids. In part two of this series, I will discuss the role of parental discipline in forming the glue that binds the...

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