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Month: December 2018

Part II: This Thinking Stuff Messes Me Up.

Note: This is part two of a series on how our thinking can either help us or get in the way of happiness. Read Part 1 Here: Thinking Stuff In part one, we touched upon ways our thinking serves us, and ways it does not . For today, we are moving into that personal world of thinking, where our thoughts tend not to serve us. Let’s begin by considering this: your brain really doesn’t care about what you feel. It just has a job to do. If there is a puncture on the skin, the brain signals pain. If...

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“This Thinking Stuff Always Messes Me Up!”

These were the words of one of my patients who experienced a bit of a set-back a few weeks ago.  Why would he announce this with such strength and certainty?  Isn’t thinking a good thing? Thinking is a Double-Edged Sword One Side of the Sword:  In many ways, we humans (as far as we can ascertain) have the capacity to ‘think’ in ways that exceed all our other fellow travelers on this planet.  We can learn languages, and then use this to learn about math, science, computers, literature and move to any topic of interest. We can think about...

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Why Personal Growth and Contribution?

  What happens to us when we pursue success with energy and arduous effort?  Most find the benefits of success, typically including financial stability and all the material components that come with it.  We can also experience the benefits psychologically of feeling more security and having flexibility to travel and explore the world. In working with a wide range of clients I find that, as the research confirms, financial independence does not bring much in the way of happiness.  Beyond doubt, having financial resources typically brings an easier and better life, compared to being in poverty.  No argument there....

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Emphasizing Family This Holiday Season

Most families I speak with are struggling with their schedules and the sense of being out of control. When asked about how they feel about their lives, it’s usually like this; ‘We are just too busy. It’s a constant rush from here to there…but what can you do? It’s life these days!’ And the Holiday Season seems to push many of us over the edge, as we add even more to our lives. Many of us grew up in a world where the schedule of academic work, extracurricular activities and practices were not as demanding as it is in...

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How to Protect Your Family from Screen Addiction

Screen addiction might seem like a really hard thing to combat in today’s day and age. It is something that many families feel as if it is consuming their family. Therefore, to stop this from happening, you must get creative. The best thing to avoid screen addiction is to not have screen. You should put a time limit on how much time your kids can watch TV, or play video games. Stay active on the weekends by going out and doing stuff. Key Takeaways: In one experiment, participants preferred giving themselves mild electric shocks over being alone with their...

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