The busy Holiday week is upon us, and we pass each other in a flurry of movement from one task to another. In our minds, the business of thinking of everything on the to-do list can be overwhelming.

And yet, there is one simple thing we could do each day, that would transform how we experience our Holiday Season.

The Power of Intentions

There are countless variations of input throughout the day. It would be impossible to predict everything that can happen to you, what people will do or say, or even what events can get in the way of your plans. We all get this.

Yet, research clearly suggests that one simple strategy can offset many of life’s challenges: Intention.

An intention is simple and contains no complexities. However, the power of this simple strategy rests in taking the intention seriously. A strong robust intention can set your choice…regardless of what life sends your way.

To ensure an intention has strength, it requires that you devote a bit of time to that intention. For example, you write it down five times, then you repeat it to yourself a few times. Perhaps, if not too strange, you even say it out loud.

Then, to ensure the solidity of the intention, you imagine at least a dozen ways you could possibly execute the intention that day. You imagine meeting others where the intention would apply. You imagine various situations where you bring the intention to life. The imagined execution of the intention, REGARDLESS of what life brings to you, is the secret.

You see, in this way, you remain in control of what you what this Holiday Season. You get to decide how you will be, even if others are not there with you.

Consider This Possible Intention: Always Be Grateful and Kind

As we think of the values most often expressed this time of the year, most are seeking more gratitude and love. So how can we generate that in the lives of those we love and care about? Set the intention to always be grateful and kind!

This is remarkably powerful if executed repeatedly throughout the days ahead. Each morning you write this down, then express it verbally…and then you start to imagine the ways that you can express being grateful and kind to others. Yes, this will take you about five minutes, but it will be a life-transforming investment.

Then, throughout the day, keep bringing this intention to mind. Every time you execute on the intention, you will both notice it and feel it. This reinforces your efforts and compounds the effect.

The Secret Juice: Regardless…

Most of us are great at being grateful and kind when others treat us sweetly. However, if we get treated poorly or with a bit of attitude or disrespect, it becomes easy to drop all kindness like a hot potato.

When we allow ourselves to change our attitude in response to others, we put our emotional lives under other’s control. In essence, we give them control of the emotional buttons that drive our lives.

Why not turn this around this Holiday Season with a simple choice? Make your intention to be grateful and kind…regardless. This means you choose to hold the state of gratitude and kindness, even in the face of others not being mean-spirited or greedy. This puts you in control of your emotional life and is how you show up each moment of life.

To state this is easy. To do it…that’s where the magic hides. But remember that you have a tool for this: your imagination! Each morning, imagine being grateful and kind…regardless. Thus, you can imagine various situations where your friends, co-workers, children or even your partner is grumpy, rude, or negative…and yet you execute your intention. You mentally rehearse bringing this intention into the moment regardless of where others are at emotionally.

The Best Holiday Season Ever

Choose your state this Holiday Season, and consider living in gratitude and kindness…regardless. Then just notice the power you must attract more and more the experiences that soften the heart and bring joy to your soul. Have a wonderful week!