Screen addiction might seem like a really hard thing to combat in today’s day and age. It is something that many families feel as if it is consuming their family. Therefore, to stop this from happening, you must get creative. The best thing to avoid screen addiction is to not have screen. You should put a time limit on how much time your kids can watch TV, or play video games. Stay active on the weekends by going out and doing stuff.

Key Takeaways:

  • In one experiment, participants preferred giving themselves mild electric shocks over being alone with their thoughts for fifteen minutes.
  • The more hours a child spends in front of a screen, the less bonded they are with their parents.
  • Let kids know that they don’t have to respond to every text immediately and that answering their phones is a choice.

“While we wring our hands trying to figure out how to help our children avoid electronic screen addiction, most of us have to admit it’s not only a problem for young people.”

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