My surveys would suggest that many parents feel disadvantaged when in public. When kids start acting out, they dread dealing with the whining, complaining, demanding, and negotiating that goes on when shopping, eating out, or traveling.

So there’s “Good news…and Bad news.”

The Good News: You can get these patterns under control in a few short weeks. And it won’t be by accident…your choices can make it happen!

The Bad News: It doesn’t change without real effort on your part. To resolve the problems quickly, you must commit yourself to a definite plan that you repeatedly use to “teach” the kids what public behavior is acceptable. I can show you how to do this!

In the articles in this section, I will introduce you to several simple plans that you can put into place right now. You can find programs to help you with:

If you have serious concerns with your child’s behavior in public, you may want to check out the extensive programs available under Parenting Solutions. These programs address specific problems parents have in public and offer a comprehensive solution to each problem. Most of these programs can be purchased as an audio program that you can listen to my CD, or you can download the program as an MP3 file, or you can download it as a PDF written file.