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“Practical Solutions You Can Use Right Now”

Most parents seek us out to find help for specific challenges they are having in their home. Many times, these parents need simple, straightforward solutions that have proven to be effective time and time again. You get that help here.

  • Dr. Cale has worked with thousands of families and has helped parents with everything from the most challenging of problems to the common, everyday struggles. The materials on this website reflect his effort to bring the most recent, state-of-the-art solutions to you
  • It is essential that parents understand the importance of persistence and determination in any of the strategies outlined in the discussions below. Too often parents will abandon the correct strategy because children do not respond immediately. This is a major mistake and one which you must avoid if you want to improve your situation at home.
  • Guess what? If you follow this guidance, often your children’s behavior will get worse. What’s that you say? It’s true. When you begin to adjust your behaviors as a parent, your children will often react to this by escalating the very behavior you want to reduce. This is why it becomes so important to persevere and to allow your children to learn to adjust to your behavior as a parent. If you follow my suggestions, this will pass quickly and your kids will learn more responsible, more respectful, more healthy patterns of behavior.
  • In addition, parents often experience two other major challenges which interfere with effective parenting.

When Mom and Dad disagree about parenting, children receive mixed messages. Not only does the child’s behavior deteriorate, but this puts a strain on the relationship between parents.

The second major problem occurs when parents struggle to control their own reactions to their child’s behavior. A number of specific guidelines are offered, if you find yourself losing control.

While we cannot review every set of behavioral challenges offered by children, I do strive to address most common struggles. Some of these are covered in detail on the website in the many articles authored by Dr Cale. Consume the information on this site, and share these powerful, life-changing solutions with friends and family.

You can get as much guidance as you want. For some, the articles you find listed below will solve your problems and point your kids in the direction of a more positive attitude and a more responsible home.

For others, you will want the more detailed solutions offered by Dr Cale in the online store [Click here to go to online store]. You can purchase a wide range of audio products, which you can download immediately as an MP3 file, or you can purchase the CD and have the program in just a few days. Some products are available as a down-loadable booklet. there are also live recordings of several powerful presentations by Dr Cale which are available in DVD or VHS video format.

Depending upon your needs, our goal is to help you find the solution to solve your concerns. You can get immediate help with these issues by clicking on the images and/or links below:

siblings both tongue out
Siblings Conflicts
(Kids who constantly fight with their siblings)

girl with eye glasses pouting
Complaining and Negativity
(Kids who whine, complain, appear helpless)

mom with kids at grocery store
Shopping In Sanity
(Kids acting out when you go shopping)

mom with kids on the phone
Telephone In Sanity
(Kids demanding attention when you’re on the phone)

3 kids inside the car
Travel In Sanity
(Kids bickering, yelling, demanding, or fighting in the car)

picky eater kid
Picky Eating
(Kids who refuse to eat healthy food)

kid having problem with his homework
Homework Problems
(Kids who fight you on doing their homework)

kids with scattered toys around
(Refusal to help out around the house)

2 kids on bed standing
Bedtime Battles
(For kids who refuse to go to bed without a battle)

little kid shouting
(You know what this is)

little girl crying
(For kids who act out when they don’t get what they want)

little boy pouting
Whining Behavior
(Kids who whine, complain, appear helpless)

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