You’re having problems with your children’s behavior. This could include a wide range of concerns and problem areas. Chances are you have sought out information from others, and you’ve found that much of that advice hasn’t helped. Or if it did help, it only worked for a few weeks. There is a reason why you have been misled. It’s not that these other sources are poorly advised, ill-trained, or part of some conspiracy. NO! It’s just that the bulk of what we read or hear about is based upon what works for easy kids – for kids who have relatively few struggles. It is frustrating, as a psychologist working with a wide range of parenting concerns, to keep seeing books and interviews with authors who have limited experience in working with challenging kids. At other times, professionals write books filled with psycho-babble and soft theories, and all you hear are ideas suggesting “patience…, patience.” This is very frustrating to me, as there are clear principles that can guide you to a path of success. It’s even more frustrating to listen to their “advice” that is full of parenting ideas that tend to:

  • soothe rather than solve problems
  • nurture dependence rather than independence
  • produce short term results with long term damage
  • give parents lofty platitudes, rather than a clear, specific plan
  • fail to teach parents how you really have influence

Please keep reading, and learn why your actions are likely making things worse – rather than better. It’s essential to understand where your true power comes from and how to use it effectively. I will teach you how to use this power to make a difference. Any of the programs you read about will give you a precise plan, that you can put in place right away. But, you know as well as I do that all good habits take a while to build. For example, math achievement almost always requires homework completion and study time. For academic success, math achievement, science excellence…kids must master the habits of success…which include study time and homework. However, not all negative behaviors take weeks to reduce; some do, others don’t. It depends upon the child and the situation.

However, what if I said to you, “Follow my plan, and these problems will disappear out of your life in the next week or two – maybe three at the most”

Would I have your attention? What would you say, if those problem areas could be resolved in weeks, rather than months, or years? It’s not just possible, YOU CAN DO IT! Read more, to learn how you can get started right now! Keep in mind, some problems, not on that list, may take a little longer, such as sibling battles and problems with irresponsible kids. But most problems will improve in a few weeks. Some take more like 6-8 weeks.

Pick Your Area of Greatest Concern and Learn What You Can Do NOW!