When kids develop the healthy habits of taking care of their responsibilities, we cannot only relax a bit, but we see the positive consequences of effortless rewards flowing naturally and easily into their young lives.

Yet, many parents worry about growing trends of irresponsible behavior. Parents see their kids failing to take care of basic responsibilities. Their kids won’t pick up after themselves. They take their blessings for granted. They refuse to help out around the house.

Instead of becoming more responsible as they get older, many parents observe their kids becoming more dependent …rather than more independent.

Many parents describe their concerns like this:

Every day, I get up, work hard to take care of my kids, and show them what it means to be responsible. But they don’t seem to get it.

They are getting older… and yet, they are doing nothing to help out around the house.

I beg them. I plead with them. I argue and yell at them…and they still just sit there!

I’m afraid they are going to grow up expecting the world to give it all to them…it just doesn’t make sense. How can I teach them to become responsible?

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