“You Don’t Have To Struggle With Daily Routines!”

No More Nagging, Yelling, Reminding, Or Constantly Managing Their Daily Responsibilities. Teach Independence Using Dr. Cale’s Proven Program.

Why wouldn’t you want to make life as struggle free as possible? While there will certainly be struggles, why not establish a structure and routine that makes life easier?

It can be done! The key is actually to become more “thought-LESS” when it comes to daily routines. Let me explain. Fewer struggles with routines is best achieved through creating a world where chores and responsibilities are completed without the need for decision making, without the need for nagging or prodding, and without the need for continued monitoring.

In other words, it’s about making daily routines automatic…so that little thought goes into decision.. But let’s first consider what most of us do.

Problem Routines: Too Much Talk…Not Enough Action?

Lets discuss about how not to do it…

Consider the mental effort required when daily routines are not structured, and each activity requires a decision AND parental input to make it happen.

Make day-to-day routines flexible and make decisions on the fly, and day-to-day routines will be a struggle! It seems like the easy going and natural thing to do.

You make these routines flexible and changeable, and then you’ll have a struggle as time goes on. More and more energy will go into getting through these basis routines, and less energy into what really matters.

Why is this the case?

Why “Thought-LESS” Routines Produce Success!

  • Children thrive with structure. Children thrive in an environment where there’s predictability. In my studies, it is virtually impossible to find research which would suggest otherwise. Behaviorally, academically, and emotionally, children thrive when there are consistent, clear routines that remain relatively unchanging.
  • Children thrive on predictability. There is comfort and security in knowing when things will happen. While children involved in chaotic and out of control family systems often rebel at the initial signs of structure and routine, they quickly adjust and their behavior is better.With this adjustment also comes an emotional calming. Children will often report a sense that life is easier after experiencing a shift to a consistent structure and routine.
  • Consistent routines remove decision-making. This is the true advantage of consistent structure and routine. Daily decision-making on all routine stuff is removed.

Fact: Routines Make Life Easier!

How many of us actually have to make a decision to brush our teeth in the morning. Very few, I hope. And as such it presents no emotional stress or challenge. It’s not really a chore!

For those of you who buckle your seat belts on a daily basis, it becomes routine and there is no stress to this.

In the early stages of an exercise program, the daily commitment often involves a decision and, at times, a struggle to make the decision. If you have exercised regularly for several months however, there is no decision to be made.

It is a given that you will exercise. It gets easier.

When successful in establishing the habits that bring success, the research would suggest that the “decision” has already been made in advance of the event. This relieves a level of demand upon our system, and ensures success.

In essence, the events have been “pre-decided.” A level of automatic-action then evolves that eliminates the stress of making a decision.

I can’t emphasize enough how important this is for your family. The data in recent years simply suggests that we are ill-equipped to make decision after decision. The more that we set up a world where routines are maintained through a consistent pattern, this eliminates the need for conscious decision-making.

The result: reduced anxiety and stress, and greater harmony.

We Waste Our Lives… Our Time…
By Managing The Small Stuff
Without A Routine

By “Thought-LESS” routines, I am referring to a way of parenting that does not involve constant thinking and evaluating about what kids need to do next.

By “Thought-LESS”, I mean that both children and parents fall into a structure and pattern that allows for the basic responsibilities to be addressed without any discussion, argument or waste of brainpower. Instead, these occur effortlessly.

The result: More time is available to discuss things that are of real importance to the family. Little time is put into managing homework routines, and instead discussion actually occurs about what is being learned in doing the homework.

Little time is spent getting the children to the table to eat, and instead meaningful discussion occurs about life events. Little time is spent arguing over homework or bedtime routines, and greater opportunity is available for simply spending quality time with children. The Effortless Daily Routines program was developed with these key ideas in mind…teaching parents how to establish daily routines that work automatically!

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Do You Have A Sense
How This Works?

When routines become consistent and predictable, there is relatively little discussion and dialog that goes into the completion of these fundamental responsibilities that we all have to take care of. If children learn to do this, their minds are free from the struggle with the daily “stuff” of everyday life. They don’t end up wasting their life doing battle with the fact that they have to do homework, even though they may not like to do it. They simply get it done.

This is a formula for success. This is a formula for making life easy. This is a formula for staying healthy, emotionally strong, and focused on what’s really important.

Make this the way you do things at home, and watch how much easier day-to-day life becomes.

Keep routines in the realm of the relatively “Thought-LESS” and save the real energy for exploring what you really value in their day-to-day learning and growing.

Another hidden secret here is the we must also learn to manage the environment more than trying to control our kids. We actually don’t have much control over our kids…we have great influence…but we really don’t control our kids. Notice that they keep trying to teach us this…but we struggle to get it.

Magic really begins to happen however when the focus shifts to teaching kids how to learn from their choices…and we do that by learning to master the consequences that impact our kids.

In the Effortless Daily Routines program, you will find a specific plan that I have developed that takes advantage of these key principles, as well as recent research findings. The 10 step program lays out a formula for automating these daily routines, so that you put forth less effort and yet your kids learn more.

How? In this program, I simply show you how to take advantage of the key principles behind the Terrific Parenting approach, and establish a structure…a routine…a habit pattern that puts the responsibility back on your children’s shoulders.

You will likely be amazed at how easy the daily routines become when you are absolutely clear about where to focus your energies, and how to establish a system that ensures that your kids are learning the keys to self-management.

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Instead, you will read about a strategy that almost always works to get kids on board with “Effortless Daily Routines.”

Now, this is a laser focused program. You won’t have to struggle and dread the lecture to ending all of those battles over picking up and putting away. Finally, a real answer to a real problem that works!

For some of us, we learn better by listening. For others, it’s better to read. And yet for most of us, we do better when we can both listen, and read the information.

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