The 1% Solution is not about instant results. It’s not about a quick fix.

It’s not about the illusion of change. It is about REAL CHANGE…and the way that real results develop when creating new habits.

It’s not about pretending that you can make substantial shifts in behavior with an instant fix of some sort. It usually doesn’t work that way. You will find some products that I offer produce rapid changes in a matter of a few days to a few weeks. This is possible when you can gain exquisite control over the environment that impacts a particular behavior. However, even when this is the case, there is still the need for sustained effort on YOUR part to maintain such powerful results.

If we want a remarkable quality of life for ourselves and our families, the 1% Solution is an essential part of a successful mindset. So what is it?

  • The 1% Solution is about creating habits of success…not moments of change.
  • The 1% Solution is about how you influence your family.
  • The 1% solution is about small, consistent improvements every day.
  • The 1% solution is about the power of sustained effort over time.
  • The 1% solution is about compounding results that must be viewed from the long term.
  • perspective rather than a short-term perspective.
  • The 1% solution is about habits that produce happiness, success, and fulfillment.
  • The 1% solution is about taking action …consistent, intentional action in the direction of your goals.
  • I am often speaking with parents or organizations, and they are frequently looking for ideas to make change happen quickly. We want to see our kids get better right now. This is possible in certain situations, but often these “quick changes” are more like a “jump-start” …and require continued, consistent support by parents.

What if…..I could offer you this challenge?

You have a problem in your home and you want things to get better. Let’s imagine I asked you to commit to a simple strategy that would produce a 1% improvement in your child’s behavior… daily. Let’s imagine that same strategy would create a 1% improvement in your follow-through with commitments that you make toward your goals for yourself and your family.

The 1% solution suggests that your consistent effort will produce a sense of optimism…life will be lighter…but only at 1% a day.

The 1% solution would also help improve your relationships with everyone in your family …but just at 1% a day.


Is It Worth The Effort For Just 1% Per Day?

The 1% solution is just another way of stating a core concept that I have been harping on for years. Our real power comes not from trying to force or demand change. We don’t control life. We can’t force goals to happen. We don’t control our kids. We can’t force them to change.

Instead, we can have influence. We can gradually make a difference, by learning how to consistently apply that influence.

However, we must get clear on our intention to move toward a goal…an outcome that we want for our family or our kids.

Each day, we allow that intention (i.e., commitment to being an active part of a change or improvement) to shape our actions. We begin to influence events by our choices.

And influence creates gradual…incremental change…a little at a time. No huge leaps…just tiny, consistent improvements. But momentum is building…at 1% a day!

How quickly does water grow the forest from the seed?

Gradually…a little at a time. We all know that.

But, without the water…no forest.

With the water…we have a forest.

Yet, we could stare all day long…and we wouldn’t see the influence of the water. We can’t “see” the magic. We can’t SEE how the water grows the forest. But it surely does. Water is the most important, powerful resource on the planet…not only growing the forest but sustaining all life.




How Can You Maximize The Power Of The 1% Solution?

1. Choose your goal for your family or your kids, and do so with clarity!

What do you want? What do you want to change or improve in your family?

If you find yourself focused on negative patterns, start to explore what positive behaviors you would like to see instead. Get clear about this.

2. Ask yourself? Am I committed to this goal?

How will you know the answer? Try this: Are you ready to start RIGHT NOW?

I mean…are you ready to get started on this goal right now…take action ….serious action right now? If so, you should BE FEELING THE COMMITMENT and this is like fuel that fires your action.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling hesitant…finding yourself making excuses…or coming up with reasons why you can’t start now… you may not be committed. In this case, my suggestion: Erase this goal off of your list. Maybe you can put it there later…next week…next month…next year.

Let’s assume you feel the energy behind the goal, and are ready to take action. You feel…YOU ARE COMMITTED! So, what’s next?

3. Make a plan that requires some form of daily action.

That’s right. Daily action.

Some days …more action. Some days …less action.

But every day…some form of action.

What kind of action depends, of course, upon your goal. If it’s a change in a problem behavior with kids, then keep exploring the information on this website, and you will get direction in what specific action is needed. Look in the section on Parenting Solutions to find detailed, proven programs that lay out your action plan for you!

One way or another, the daily action plan must be in place. It allows you to have “pre-decided” what your choices will be under certain situations.

This ensures that you take advantage of the 1% Solution. In essence, such daily actions ensure that you are “watering your seeds of success” daily.

4. Trust! Trust the Universe. Trust your power. Trust your influence. Trust that you are making a difference.

The 1% solution is now working. It has to be working…if you are taking daily action in the direction of your goals.

It’s just that …depending on where you started…a 1% shift toward your goals may not show up in just a day. If you are trying to shift your kid’s patterns in some way, a slight change may not even be noticeable…given the possible “ugly” moments that overshadow your efforts.

But don’t dismay. The !% Solution is about staying in reality. Change often takes time…and like water to a seed…you must be patient!

If you keep at it…with the types of strategies I offer in my articles and discussions, you should be making about a 30% improvement in a month. Things will be about 30% better than they were a month ago…when you look back.

The forest doesn’t grow 30% in a month. It takes even longer.

But if we watch the seed we water…we only notice it growing when we compare it to last week or last month.

For behavior change…how much will healthy patterns grow? Let’s say…1% a day…roughly.

Not 10% a day. Not 50% a week. Just 1% a day.

What am I driving at here? It’s this: As you begin to make this mental and physical shift in how you consistently invest your energy, the changes do not show up right away.

Could you notice a 1% change? I doubt it. Most of us can’t notice such small, incremental changes.

But be clear about this. When you start to consistently invest your attention in what you desire…it is making a difference. It’s like watering the seed….that grows into the forest. You don’t see the impact right away…but have no doubt, it is making a difference.

Keep investing your energy in what you want…and each day creates a 1% change. So you don’t expect to see dramatic changes in just a few days. [Read more about how to use your energy here!]

The 1% solution insists that you stay with it until you allow yourself to see the power of sustained efforts accumulating over 30 days…60 days…90 days.

5. Hold yourself accountable for daily action.

Without some system to hold yourself accountable, you will likely not sustain your energy.

You could get lucky…if you don’t have a system to hold yourself accountable. But is living your dream worth taking a chance on getting lucky. I don’t think so.

Bottom line: You need a system to keep you on track if you are serious about the pursuit of an extraordinary life. These goals are not minor, they are major. They require sustained effort over time, and you need a system that reminds you…”It’s time…it’s time to take action NOW! Sometimes gain more from a coach who holds you accountable than you can from a management system. Either way, hold yourself accountable to that daily action…and take advantage of the 1% Solution.

If you follow these guidelines, you will find the 1% Solution starts working for you immediately. Just remember that you may not see the results right away. Remember…it’s hard to notice just a small % each day!