The importance of encouraging self-directed play and minimizing screen time with children cannot be undermined. Studies show that children who spend excessive amounts of time watching TV have shorter attention spans. Some suggestions to engage children in play instead of media devices is creating a safe environment, choosing toys carefully with age in mind, and creating an environment that is engaging for the child to play in. A comprehensive chart is provided that details specific age ranges and suggested screen-time allowances.

Key Takeaways:

  • Being a parent to a child is extremely hard work even though it is very rewarding.
  • Overall, a child is going to be energetic and want to do different things on a daily basis.
  • A parent must adapt and learn what works for them and for their own child as it is unique for everyone.

“Self-directed or independent play is play chosen, initiated, and directed by the child. When your child is able to engage in independent play, being with your child becomes less demanding. You are no longer the entertainment. You can sit back and just observe what your child is exploring.”

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