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Month: September 2018

Is There an Anxiety Epidemic in Today’s Youth?

Many people think that today’s youth really struggle with dealing with the realities of life. It is not easy to identify with the youth of the modern world due to all of the different things that are now present in society. The world has completely changed and now people feel as if there is not much that the young people of today have in common with young people of former generations. It is really just that simple. Key Takeaways: Scientists, as well as the media, seem to agree that there is a rise in depression, anxiety, and mental health...

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Kids and Tech: 3 Ways to Feel Confident About Your Kid’s Technology this School Year

Your kid needs to be learning about technology. Times have changed a great deal in the sense that there is a lot of money to be made in the tech space now. Technology is something that is continuing to grow and grow at a rate that we have never seen before. The more well versed your kid is in technology, the better off their future prospects for earning potential is. That is just the bottom line. Key Takeaways: The bottom line is that kids need to learn about this stuff from a young age to stay relevant. The earning...

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How to Shape & Manage Your Young Child’s Behavior

Children closely observe and learn from what the adults around them actually do in practice, not just what they say. Modeling the behaviors you want your children to imitate — sharing, emotional control and self-restraint, good communications, etc — can be an important way of shaping your child’s behavior, as can pointing out when other adults model these same behaviors. Giving children attention for behaviors you like and dialing it down for bad behavior can be much more effective than fixating on bad behavior. Key Takeaways: Model certain behaviors, such as sharing or calming yourself down, so your child...

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ABC Parenting: Toddlers: Behaviour

There is no golden rule on how to parent your children and to help them be successful and happy in life. However, from a young age, there are common trends that are seen in kids and the ones that end up being successful in life. As parents, we all want to achieve that but it first needs to be said that toddlers learn some of the most important things in life from when they are very small. Key Takeaways: From a young age, all kids are different and need different kinds of parenting. It is paramount to instill discipline...

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Sending Depressed Teens To College

The move from High School to college is already a big deal for most teens and young adults. Add in the specter of anxiety or depression and the possibility of things going less than perfectly rises exponentially. Before sending a young person with a diagnosis of anxiety or depression off to college there are some things that should happen to tip the scales in favor of a successful transition. For example, it’s important to have a treatment team ready for your student. Problems will arise and a competent professional needs to be there for your scholar. It’s also important...

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