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Month: September 2018

How to Shape & Manage Your Young Child’s Behavior

Children closely observe and learn from what the adults around them actually do in practice, not just what they say. Modeling the behaviors you want your children to imitate — sharing, emotional control and self-restraint, good communications, etc — can be an important way of shaping your child’s behavior, as can pointing out when other adults model these same behaviors. Giving children attention for behaviors you like and dialing it down for bad behavior can be much more effective than fixating on bad behavior. Key Takeaways: Model certain behaviors, such as sharing or calming yourself down, so your child...

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ABC Parenting: Toddlers: Behaviour

There is no golden rule on how to parent your children and to help them be successful and happy in life. However, from a young age, there are common trends that are seen in kids and the ones that end up being successful in life. As parents, we all want to achieve that but it first needs to be said that toddlers learn some of the most important things in life from when they are very small. Key Takeaways: From a young age, all kids are different and need different kinds of parenting. It is paramount to instill discipline...

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Sending Depressed Teens To College

The move from High School to college is already a big deal for most teens and young adults. Add in the specter of anxiety or depression and the possibility of things going less than perfectly rises exponentially. Before sending a young person with a diagnosis of anxiety or depression off to college there are some things that should happen to tip the scales in favor of a successful transition. For example, it’s important to have a treatment team ready for your student. Problems will arise and a competent professional needs to be there for your scholar. It’s also important...

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Guided Imagery and Relaxation Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety is something that millions and millions of people deal with on an every day basis. Everyone has some sort of stress and anxiety and it is about finding ways to combat that and deal with it in the way that makes you feel best. Anxiety is not easy to combat but there are relaxation methods that can help someone release that negative energy and begin to feel better. Images of certain natures and colors are proven to be helpful also. Key Takeaways: A recent five month study found that applied relaxation and medication both showed similar levels of...

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9 Simple Ways to Foster Connection with Your Kids

Talk to your kids. They will not be kids forever and time truly does go way too quick for you to not spend the valuable time with them that they need and want. There are some simple things that really help when trying to foster a connection with your kids. Things like reading to them and having dinner with them on a nightly basis goes such a far way according to recent studies that have been done. Key Takeaways: Sit and eat with your kids on a nightly basis and you will see a massive difference. Read to your...

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