Talk to your kids. They will not be kids forever and time truly does go way too quick for you to not spend the valuable time with them that they need and want. There are some simple things that really help when trying to foster a connection with your kids. Things like reading to them and having dinner with them on a nightly basis goes such a far way according to recent studies that have been done.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sit and eat with your kids on a nightly basis and you will see a massive difference.
  • Read to your kids from a young age and watch how they appreciate it as they get older.
  • Kids do not stay young forever so it is important to cherish these moments!

“After spending much of 2017 researching parenting techniques, I gleaned an alternative, which was less about discipline and more about connection. Surprisingly, I learned it’s not getting your kids to listen, but it’s improving your relationship that turns out to be the winning strategy.”

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