Many people think that today’s youth really struggle with dealing with the realities of life. It is not easy to identify with the youth of the modern world due to all of the different things that are now present in society. The world has completely changed and now people feel as if there is not much that the young people of today have in common with young people of former generations. It is really just that simple.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scientists, as well as the media, seem to agree that there is a rise in depression, anxiety, and mental health issues in society, and particularly among college students.
  • According to sociologists Jason Manning and Bradley Campbell, the emergence of the victimhood culture coincide with the increase in mental and emotional health issues in society.
  • Fragility is on the rise, in part, because of parents’ obsessive concern with keeping their children “safe” and the lack of much-needed face-to-face conversations.

“There are a few historical milestones for the proposition that there has been a recent surge in mental health problems. In 2014, Bradley Campbell and Jason Manning wrote a sociological article on the rise of victimhood culture.”

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