Anxiety is something that millions and millions of people deal with on an everyday basis. Everyone has some sort of stress and anxiety and it is about finding ways to combat that and deal with it in the way that makes you feel best. Anxiety is not easy to combat but there are relaxation methods that can help someone release that negative energy and begin to feel better. Images of certain natures and colors are proven to be helpful also.

Key Takeaways:

  • A recent five-month study found that applied relaxation and medication both showed similar levels of effectiveness.
  • Guided imagery and applied relaxation may be more effective when combined than when applied individually.
  • While guided imagery and applied relaxation can be good for general anxiety disorder, people with panic attacks may have a panic attack while undertaking them.

“Guided imagery is a widely used self-directed treatment of anxiety and is often practiced together with meditation or mindfulness training. Guided imagery can be individualized to fit the specific anxiety symptoms of each patient, and has well-known beneficial effects on the immune system, physiological stress responses, and general mental-emotional functioning.”

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