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Month: March 2018

Keys To Stop Temper Tantrums…Fast

Temper tantrums can range from the mild tantrum, where your child is stomping her feet and giving ugly looks … to the more moderate forms of outbursts where she flop’s on the floor, yells or whines loudly, and perhaps sits down in protest and throws a few toys. And then there are the ballistic, severe out-of-control tantrums! Such extreme tantrums evolve for various reasons. Frequently, I see these extreme tantrums with certain strong-willed or more oppositional children. Certainly, such children are more prone to severe tantrums and outbursts. Yet, you may not have a child with such an oppositional...

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Complaining, Whining And Negotiating

The Whining, Complaining Bored Child Have you noticed that most parenting experts have nothing to say about whiners and complainers? It all sounds like the same stuff you’ve heard before, and you notice it doesn’t really address the problem. Plus, it just gets worse. Help for the Whiner: So, here’s a real approach. It’s been tested, and it works! I have used this with hundreds of families where their child was whining and complaining. The same strategy works with the child who just seems to be constantly focusing on the negative. Over the years, I’ve heard dozens of stories...

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Concerns With Your Children’s Behavior

You’re having problems with your children’s behavior. This could include a wide range of concerns and problem areas. Chances are you have sought out information from others, and you’ve found that much of that advice hasn’t helped. Or if it did help, it only worked for a few weeks. There is a reason why you have been misled. It’s not that these other sources are poorly advised, ill-trained, or part of some conspiracy. NO! It’s just that the bulk of what we read or hear about is based upon what works for easy kids – for kids who have...

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Ugly Behavior At Mealtimes

How To Eat Out With Whining And Fighting Kids You want to eat out with your kids, but you picture this: Kids whining at the table Siblings kicking and picking at each other Kids’ tantrums, outbursts, and demands and you shudder at the thought and drop the idea. Wait! You need not do this. It is possible to manage the above problems with a simple and straightforward approach. Eating-Out: The Three Strike Rules Always Wins! For Kids…The Message...

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Getting Dependent Kids On Track For Academic Success

Most parents understand the importance of nurturing independence. This is particularly important when it comes to learning. One of the most important tasks we assign to children is that of acquiring the information that will prepare them for life. Parents are told to sit with their children, read with their children, help them with their homework. This is sound advice. However, some children quickly learn that they can avoid struggle by asking for help. This may not seem like a significant problem, but a pattern can develop in which children turn to parents for help more and more often....

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