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Month: January 2018

Fun Summer With Kids

Well, it’s summertime and we are all trying to relax, get outside a bit more, and have fun whether we are vacationing or just at home with the kids. While we all tend to think “fun” when summer arrives, studies suggest that this is a particularly demanding time for parents. What happens is that the more time we have with kids, the more opportunity for any weakness in our parenting to reveal itself! As the stress is added, many (not all) of us fall into patterns of nagging, demanding, prodding, yelling…and just plain, old…losing it and going ballistic. It...

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Terrific Parenting Answers To Common Parenting Question

1. My son, age three, cries over everything. One could clearly label him a “cry baby”. Is this something he will grow out of or can we teach him to not cry over the drop of a hat. I’m worried once he starts school, his peers will make fun of him Answer: The ‘sensitive child’ is often seen upset or crying over small things in life. We can talk to them, reassure them, or even punish them and none of this will help. But let’s be clear, and not dance around this behavior pattern. It does not tend to...

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Summer Essentials: Rules Vs. Wishes

Rules Establish Structure and Kids Need This A well implemented set of simple rules establishes a structure and rhythm at home, that actually helps reduce anxiety and calm children. Children need to a have a clear sense that someone is in charge, who knows what to do. Do they like rules? Do they ask for rules? Of course not! Most will argue and fight about your rules. That’s their job! When you understand this, then you expect them to complain and argue about your new rules. Ignore this. Do not engage or justify your choices, when it comes to...

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Start Summer Weak…Life Gets Harder. Start Summer Strong… Life Gets Easier.

Okay. Summer is officially on… and the kids are on summer-time schedule. And yes, it’s been a rush! Hectic and crazy at times. Everyone is ready for a breather. Here’s the dangerous and often tempting thought process: “Oh, the kids had a tough year. They need a break. We will just take it easy…no chores…go to bed late…get up when they want. No big deal.” Start Weak…Life Gets Harder! If you decide to start summer with no structure, and abandon most limits, everything is smooth and sweet. The kids love it. It seems easier and everyone is happy. At...

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Building Child Confidence & Self-Esteem

Parenting is a difficult job. And as you often hear, capsule the job seems to be getting more difficult by the day. Challenges with technology, store media influences, doctor peer relations and academic pressures…it all adds up! In the midst of all this, many of us worry about our child’s self-esteem. We may be particularly worried, if we are aware of our lack of confidence. If you have low-self-esteem it is easy to pass it on to your children. (There are also ways to avoid this, so make sure you read the entire article to get some direction!) Many...

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