Okay. Summer is officially on… and the kids are on a summer-time schedule. And yes, it’s been a rush! Hectic and crazy at times. Everyone is ready for a breather.

Here’s the dangerous and often tempting thought process: “Oh, the kids had a tough year. They need a break. We will just take it easy…no chores…go to bed late…get up when they want. No big deal.”

Start Weak…Life Gets Harder!

If you decide to start summer with no structure and abandon most limits, everything is smooth and sweet. The kids love it. It seems easier and everyone is happy.

At least for a few days! However, as time goes on, weaker limits simply get pushed harder. The kids will want to stay up later and later. They will want more and more video time. They will fight responsibilities more and more. Their disrespect or talking back increases the moment you start to ask them to help out a bit.

This is the nature of things.

Children and adults thrive on structure and limits. Oh yes, we fight it. Kids fight it. But the proof is overwhelming. When we abandon this in favor of weak limits and little structure, life simply gets harder to manage.

Start Strong…Life Gets Easier!

The secret is to go against the tide. Instead of starting the summer weak, start strong. In the long run, you will have more joy, more fun, and more easeful times this summer.