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“My Child Won’t Listen… What Should I Do?”

As kids get older and mature with a dysregulated set of behaviors and emotions, home life can get miserable.  Equally important, the child’s life is on a trajectory of misery and struggle, and no one wants that for their child.  Thus, we must think about what genuinely changes an out-of-control child and that brain that is causing such misery at home…

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Neurofeedback and ADD/ADHD

As a psychologist now focused primarily on changing brains in measurable ways using Neurofeedback, I get calls weekly from parents or adults asking about the impact of Neurofeedback on distractibility, attentional problems, focusing issues, and over-activity.

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Thanksgiving: Tips for Nurturing Gratitude at Home

Let’s consider giving and gratitude. The very act of giving, when offered without hope for reward or return, brings fascinating benefit. Even when feeling some ‘lack’ in our lives, these moments of giving yield a reward of immense gratitude, instantly and automatically. It just flows into us with overwhelming feelings of warmth and appreciation.

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