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Month: October 2018

1 in Every 10 U.S. Children Now Has ADHD

A recent JAMA Network Open article indicates that as many as ten percent of American children may have Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). Although there were bigger increases in boys, African-American and non-Hispanic white children, and children from poor families and the Midwest, nearly all demographic groups showed notable increases compared to previous studies. There is no consensus about the cause(s) of the increases, which has been attributed to greater physician and parental awareness of ADHD symptoms by some and to overdiagnosis by others. Key Takeaways: Studies show an increase of children diagnosed with ADHD since 1997 to 2016....

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How Parents Get Kids Ready for Preschool

Some kids are naturally ready to be put in a schooling environment and there are other kids who simply cannot bear the thought of being around people who are not their family. Kids are a bit of a creature of habit. They get very comfortable around the people that are always near them. Therefore, going to preschool is a very scary thing for a lot of them. Now there are many ways for parents to prepare their children. Key Takeaways: The bottom line is that some parents are much more fit to be parents than others. Your kids, especially...

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How to Give Your Children the Gift of Emotional Intelligence

Being able to connect emotionally with your children is one of the best feelings in the world. Your kids want to feel loved and what to be able to feel as if they are intelligent. Teaching them how to be emotional while still remaining strong and smart in situations is something that is almost priceless. As they get older, they will remember these life lessons and use them on a very consistent basis throughout life. Key Takeaways: Your kids will not be young forever so you should cherish the time that they are. Being able to connect with your...

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Parenting tips: How to improve toddler behavior

Improving the behavior of your toddler is a process but it can be a really fun one if done correctly. Your little baby is not going to be a baby forever. Therefore, you must enjoy the time that they are that young! However, you must teach them life skills from a young age and teach them right from wrong. If you ignore this, they will grow up to have problems and start trouble in school. Key Takeaways: While there are many tips and tricks for improving toddler behavior, the simplest technique is to just be a positive role model...

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Parenting: Raise Independent Children

Parenting is not always easy and being able to let our children spread their wings, on their own, is key. There are two types of children, contingent and independent. Contingent children can not seem to function with out adult supervision or have a hard time staying focused on specific tasks. Independent children are completely opposite and tend to be good decision makers. As a parent, recognizing the do’s and don’ts will ultimately be our challenge in raising children and what to expect from them. Key Takeaways: A contingent child, even an older one, is hobbled in reaching independence, as...

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