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Month: October 2018

Parenting tips: How to improve toddler behavior

Improving the behavior of your toddler is a process but it can be a really fun one if done correctly. Your little baby is not going to be a baby forever. Therefore, you must enjoy the time that they are that young! However, you must teach them life skills from a young age and teach them right from wrong. If you ignore this, they will grow up to have problems and start trouble in school. Key Takeaways: While there are many tips and tricks for improving toddler behavior, the simplest technique is to just be a positive role model...

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Parenting: Raise Independent Children

Parenting is not always easy and being able to let our children spread their wings, on their own, is key. There are two types of children, contingent and independent. Contingent children can not seem to function with out adult supervision or have a hard time staying focused on specific tasks. Independent children are completely opposite and tend to be good decision makers. As a parent, recognizing the do’s and don’ts will ultimately be our challenge in raising children and what to expect from them. Key Takeaways: A contingent child, even an older one, is hobbled in reaching independence, as...

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A Parent’s Guide to Digital Safety for All Ages

Being able to ensure that your kids are on safe websites should be really important for parents these days. The Internet is absolutely massive and it is legit access to absolutely everything in the world. With that being said, the Internet is great and there are some great learning tools that are present on the site. You want your kids to be technologically savvy but you also want to keep them safe from the nasty stuff on the web. Key Takeaways: Making sure that your kids are technologically savvy is really important in today’s world. You want to have...

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Arguing with your adolescent.

When it comes to raising young children, parents soon come to find that at a certain age, the extent to which they talk back and attempt to argue with parents increases significantly. When it comes to arguing with an adolescent child, there is a fine line that parents need to tread on in order to ensure effective development, while still nurturing the self esteem of a child as they enter this volatile stage of their lives. Key Takeaways: Argumentativeness is normal for teenagers, who are testing their own ability to be assertive as they move forward. In the throes...

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How to Foster Mindfulness in Children (and Why)

Children need to learn important things from a really young age. As parents, it is your job to make sure that children began to use their brains and be inquisitive about a lot of different things. Being able to see how they are and what they like from a young age will allow them to grow and prosper as they get older. You do not want children to be completely oblivious to life as they get age. Key Takeaways: There a bunch of different ways to ensure that children grow up with meaningful lives in front of them. Making...

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