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Month: August 2018

Responding to Everyday Emotional Reactions in School Age Children

Studies suggest that parental negative reactions to common displays of frustration or anger by children can actually make these displays — whining, attitude, etc — more common. On the other hand, supportive reactions, while very important during major emotional events, do not seem to have much impact on minor emotional displays. This suggests that sometimes the best reaction is to do nothing. While this can be hard when your kid is playing on your last nerve, in the long term it can help them develop their own emotional regulation skills. Key Takeaways: Ratifies suggest reacting negatively to minor outbursts...

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How to Raise a Low Media Child (Without Going Insane)

The importance of encouraging self directed play and minimizing screen time with children cannot be undermined. Studies show that children who spend excessive amounts of time watching TV have shorter attention spans. Some suggestions to engage children in play instead of media devices is creating a safe environment, choosing toys carefully with age in mind, and creating an environment that is engaging for the child to play in. A comprehensive chart is provided that details specific age ranges and suggested screen-time allowances. Key Takeaways: Being a parent to a child is extremely hard work even though it is very...

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Why Raising Compassionate Children is Easier than You Think (and How to Do It)

Raising your kids to be compassionate and caring is very important. We all have seen those kids that have no respect and have no bearing for anyone but themselves. Of course, it depends on where they come from and what their upbringing was. However, parents should pride themselves on raising compassionate kids regardless of if it is harder or not. It should not be that hard because they learn from watching you. Act compassionate and your kids will be the same. Key Takeaways: If you are to lead by example, your kids will follow suit in a way that...

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Letting Teenagers Fail – Why It Matters

Everyone who has kids knows that parenting is one of the hardest things that anyone can attempt. While protecting your children should be at the center of a parent’s goals, providing too much protection can also be detrimental. Meaning, if parents are not allowing their children to fail in some respect during their childhood they are depriving them of real life opportunities to learn. Failure allows children and then teenagers to learn to cope with feeling uncomfortable. Key Takeaways: The best parenting strategy for teenagers is not to keep them happy and comfortable at all times. The older your...

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Why Your Child Needs Risky Play (and How to Fearlessly Support It)

Your child needs to be stimulated and learn some innate traits such as survival and taking risks! Do not keep your kid sheltered whether they are a boy or a girl, otherwise you will find that they will have issues as they continue to get older in life. In life, it is essential that we develop these traits as we never know when they can come in handy. It is best for someone to learn these thigns from a young age. Key Takeaways: Your child needs to learn the survival instincts that can only be learned at a young...

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