“You Can Stop The Defiance, The Battles And The Negativity
That Drives You Crazy!”

  • Are you worn out from daily battles?
  • Are your kids constantly complaining?
  • Is there a lot of whining?
  • Does it seem like they’re often negative?
  • Are they unhappy when they should be happy?
  • Are they disrespectful and ugly when there is no need for it?
  • Do tantrums often emerge out of this negativity?

In My View, These Are All
Negative Patterns!

“Greetings! If you are dealing with a child that is constantly negative, often complaining or whining, or is easily angered, this may be a program for you.

In this live program, I cover the mindset that you need to turn things around. Then I walk you through a proven plan that shows you how to do this.

I have 100% confidence in these ideas. Why? Because these ideas work. I have used these principles with hundreds of families, and I have seen the toughest situations turn around – in just a matter of days to weeks.

This is the single best program that covers my full approach in one session. This is a great program to understand how you can make a difference in changing these negative patterns.

These negative patterns will:

  • Notice that when your children are not getting dressed, what gets your attention?
  • Notice that when the kids are lolly-gagging around, what do you notice?
  • Notice what happens when your son seems to be taking ten minutes to put on his socks, what do you do?
  • Notice when your daughter helplessly complains over and over that she doesn’t have a clean shirt to wear, what do you engage?

These negative patterns do not just fade away on their own. You must have a plan to make things better!

In this recording of a live presentation, I give you a complete plan, a specific, comprehensive plan that shows you what to do, when to do it, and what to avoid. You do MAKE A DIFFERENCE by how you respond to these patterns.

You may be wondering, “where did this come from… I don’t know what I did to create such negativity.”

Let’s imagine this: You have a beautiful garden outside. Suddenly a weed begins to grow.

  • Did you put the weed there? No!
  • Do you want the weed? No!
  • Do you like weeds? Probably not!
  • Could you build a great big fence around your garden, and guarantee no weeds would grow? No!
  • Could we study a hundred gardening books, and definitely know why the weed started growing there? Probably not!

My point here is this: Weeds will show up in your garden. You didn’t plant them. You didn’t put them there. You don’t want them. Weeds will show up in your garden at home. We can’t control that.

What we can do is to make sure that we don’t fertilize that weed! We can make sure that we don’t water that weed. We can make sure that we don’t nurture that weed to expand and destroy our garden.

When kids start with negative patterns of behavior…think of them as weeds in your garden. How they got there, why they showed up, what the “root cause” is… – we simply can’t know for sure.

However, we can know that if you water that weed, IT WILL GROW! We can know that if you fertilize that weed, IT WILL GROW! We can know that if you just pretend that the weed will go away, IT WILL GROW! If you don’t change things in your garden, and just keep business as usual, IT WILL GROW!

And yet, we don’t want these weeds to grow. We want to get rid of these negative patterns of behavior, just as we want to get rid of the weeds.

The “Negative Patterns” program shows the audience how to deal with all of these negative patterns. Such negative patterns are almost always supported and nurtured by our behaviors as parents and teachers – even though it’s the last thing we want to do.

How does this work?

In a nutshell, it works like this: The negative patterns PULL parents and teachers into them. These negative patterns are like magnets, pulling us into the negativity, and feeding the negativity with parental attention and energy.

If we want to get rid of these negative patterns, we have to come up with a plan – a specific, clear and proven plan – to break these patterns. Otherwise, things just keep getting worse. The harder we try to make them better, the worse things get.

This is a program where I guide the audience through a proven, step-by-step process to get rid of such negative patterns – and you can have this program right now!

“The negativity in my home is better in just one week. I can’t wait to see how much better things will get.”

-Margie from Live Seminar

You have an advantage! You have a distinct advantage over the seminar participants that heard this information. Why? Because they are only able to hear this once.

If you decide to buy the Negative Patterns program, you get to listen to this information-packed program as many times as you want. In just one viewing, you might find that it may be difficult to absorb all the specific principles and strategies. But when you own the program, you can review the information as many times as you need.

You may also find that you hear new information and gain clarity with each review. When you need a booster session, it will be there.

It’s difficult for a participant in a live seminar to maintain their focus over the course of two, three or four weeks, when the information begins to fade in their memory. That’s not the case for you. You can purchase this program, and review this powerful information on a weekly basis to make sure that you stay focused, stay on track, and get the results that you want!

What Would It Be Worth To You If Your Kids Are Happier, Lighter, And Enjoying Their Life More?

Here’s what this Dad from Cohoes, NY says about the impact of this program on his family:

My daughter used to be negative, constantly complaining, and didn’t seem to appreciate anything I did for her. While her behavior is not perfect yet, she is happier, complains less, and actually seems to enjoy hanging out with me. I can’t put a price tag on that.”

Parents are often skeptical that they can make such a powerful difference, because they have worked so hard and it hasn’t worked in the past. I understand your skepticism if you find yourself in that place.

But, what if there is a formula that no one has taught you yet?

  • What if there is a hidden secret to changing negative behavior that we don’t fully appreciate?
  • What if there is a formula for success that can turn things around?
  • What if your kids could be happier?
  • What if you could be happier, since they are not always so negative?

Perhaps you are a bit skeptical about whether or not this is true! Here is the bottom line: You won’t know unless you try.

You won’t know if this will make a difference, unless you invest the time, put the plan in place, and give it a try.

Negative Patterns Package
For Only $67

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Here’s What You Get
In Raising Negative And Oppositional Children Package

With The Raising Negative And Oppositional Children Package, you get a Raising Negative And Oppositional Children DVD. Then, DVD Introduction To The Terrific Parenting Principles and in addition, you will also get the CD Copy Of Think Positive.

Let me break the package down for you:

Raising Negative And
Oppositional Children DVD
(Value $67)

This is a DVD recording of a live presentation for a small audience, offered at the request of the school’s psychologist. Dr Cale is the presenter, and the talk covers a wide range of issues. However, the primary focus in on giving the listener a set of practical tools for handling oppositional, negative and defiant children. While some children may have a diagnosis of ADHD, or Oppositional-Defiant Disorder, or less formally “strong-willed”… the tools in this program will help with each of these types of behavior patterns.

In fact, Dr Cale explains why it is necessary to focus almost exclusively on the ‘moment’ that is right in front of you, and to have a set of parenting tools to help with that moment. NOT WITH a diagnosis. Instead, it’s the behavior you are staring at b&that must be changed.

If it’s disrespect… you need a plan. IF it’s defiance… you need a plan. If it’s negativity… you need a plan.

In this seminar, Dr Cale lays out your parenting plan in a clear, concise manner. At the end of this seminar, you will know what to say, what to do and when to do it. This is like getting 4 sessions of coaching… in one extended 90 minutes session.

You don’t want to miss out on this practical program… that is guaranteed to bring you satisfaction… or your money back.

But guess what, there is still more! Since I know it’s 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to decide now you want this program!

So, if you act immediately you will also receive the following amazing free bonuses:

Bonus # 1: DVD Intro To The
Terrific Parenting Principles
(Value at $29.95!)

In this 18 minute recording, I walk you through the principles that I use to help thousands of families with every imaginable behavioral concern. Granted…it’s not my full parenting program, but I do give you an overview of the core principles that allow your adjustments at home to evoke life changing responses from your children. (I sell this introductory DVD at workshops for $29.95…and I give it to you free!)

Bonus # 2: CD Copy Of Think Positive
(Value $59.00)

A personal motivation CD designed to help parents remain positive, feeling enthusiastic and remain focused on personal and family goals. (I sell this introductory CD at workshops for $59.00…and I give it to you free!)

The total cost of this package is: $155.95
Yours today $67

In the Negative Patterns program, I provide you with a complete solution to negativity problems. For less than the cost of your cable bill, you can transform your home…and bring relief to your family today! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just relax about this?

Yes! Dr. Cale, I’m Ready To End Negative Patterns In My Home!

  • understand that if I use your professional, time proven step-by-step action plan, I will have the strategy to end all these useless. I am looking forward to a peaceful, happy home.
  • I also understand I am backed by 365-day, 100% NO RISK GUARANTEE.
  • I understand that for only $67, I will receive the following:

I Also Understand
This Package Includes:

DVD Raising Negative And Oppositional Children DVD ($67.00 value)
DVD Bonus DVD introduction to the Terrific Parenting Principles ($29.95 value)
CD Bonus CD copy of Think Positive ($59.00 value)

Raising Negative And Oppositional Children DVD
for only $155.95

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