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Month: April 2018

Secrets To Calming The Angry Child

Do you find yourself wondering… Why is my son/daughter so angry? What caused this? What happened to my child? What can I do to fix this? Many parents struggle when kids seem to be angry… and often for no apparent reason. Yet, there usually are reasons. You may not know what those reasons are, but there is almost always a cause. Parents are often confused and frustrated when they find their children becoming more angry and aggressive. This is particularly problematic when children become destructive, or become violent with their peers or adults. This is a serious concern, and...

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Why Vs How: Lessons For Life Satisfaction

Many year ago, I heard the saying: You have a choice: You can live life studying the roots…or you can enjoy the fruits. But you can’t do both.” What does this have to do with life satisfaction? The fruits of life are where we get value and happiness. It’s the good stuff. We want to enjoy all the fruits that life offers. But yet, why don’t we get more it? For many of us, we get caught focused on the ‘roots’ of life. How so? One way we do this is by asking questions that drive us into the...

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Why Does Your Child Whine

Ever wonder why “whining” is becoming an epidemic in our schools, our homes, and in our culture? It is easy to understand, when you imagine yourself in this position: You are in line at the grocery store, with a dozen people surrounding you. You threaten your daughter that she would get nothing, if she started whining. You have almost made it…the door is in site! But then it begins…she sees the chocolate bar, and this reminds her that you said “no” when she asked for the chocolate milk. She starts in … “Mommy, I want my chocolate milk.” You...

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When Kids Say No

One of the most frustrating experiences parents encounter occurs when a child gives an outright “NO” in response to a simple request. These moments can often evolve into an ugly exchange between parents and children, as parents escalate their efforts to force their children to comply. As I have emphasized in recent articles, we often speak to children as if we have control over them…and we do not. Eventually, almost all kids try to teach us this simple lesson. The key is learning to develop a way of communicating where you ask with respect, respond with clarity, and allow...

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