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What Is The TREC Initiative?

The purpose of the TREC initiative is to impact children in four ways, through helping parents and families. The message and tools offered will be centered on four core outcomes:

T = Thoughtful
R = Responsible
E = Energetic
C = Content

Thoughtful, is about helping your children become aware of the importance of community and family, and to become more attentive to how their choices affect others. As part of this, the lessons we discuss will also help children and adolescents to feel the positive impact of thoughtful choices.

Responsible…sometimes thought of as ‘respons-able’ or able to respond to life. With the TREC model, we will focus on how parents can establish a structure that automatically builds inner strength and clarity of action.

Energetic: Today, some children develop habits that encourage lethargy and atrophy. When not active, minds and bodies quickly show signs of the habit of TV, video and computers. We will focus on how to break these ruts, and get your kids on track for a more energetic life.

Content; The goal is to have a sense of contentment with life, rather than trying to chase peers in race for popularity, stardom or attention. Contentment is learned through how we model this, and set up moments at home where we find our own calm and peace. Tools for discovering this process will be revealed through the weeks ahead.

Most important, it is critical to understand that the focus here is on keeping things simple. Many of the core principles have been distorted with trying to find a ‘cute angle’ to explain something that fundamentally requires no fancy footwork.

In part, this is often because we want to find an easy solution, when there is real work to be done. Many blogs have turned to ‘tricks’ and ‘Try this today…if that doesn’t work, then do this instead.’ BAD IDEA.

Are there some cutting edge ideas worth bringing into your home. Yes.

Do these change the core fundamentals? To some degree yes…but mostly no. We need to have awareness of these new perspectives, but place them in relation to more enduring findings tested and proven with time.

Weekly Lessons:

Each week, a new lesson will be revealed and discussed. Some of these will be augmented with live presentations, and videos. Dialogue and disucssion will be encouraged in the feedback are under each lesson…and on facebook.

For now, I invite you to attend one of our live seminars, if you have the chance. We will be posting a video soon, with an opening talk on the Homework strategies that are fundamental to the TREC approach.