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What is PEMF or Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy?

In recent years, I was introduced to a technology developed in Europe and Asia that utilizes pulses of electromagnetic waves at a very low level. Based on over 3000 studies in these regions, the pulse’s frequency appears to be able to rejuvenate cells because these pulses are absorbed by the ATP, the cell’s energy source, and reinvigorate the cells.

While initially quite skeptical when I heard this, I spoke with several clinicians I respect who were having extraordinary results. So we incorporated this treatment into the clinic and found the same thing – it’s quite a remarkable technology with no risk attached.

brain waves

The FDA has determined that the pulse is so low that it’s imperceptible; yet, when focused on specific aspects of the human body, these pulses produce remarkable results. For example, studies now being conducted in the US, one last year, had such success with anxiety disorders in adults that most of the study’s participants withdrew by its three-quarter point because they had no current anxiety symptoms. That’s unheard of in our field. Thus, for anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, aggressive disorders, and many physical conditions, the pulsed electromagnetic field therapy literature suggests that you will get very positive results, which we have found to be generally true.

While most related studies come from Europe and Asia, they’re becoming increasingly frequent now in the US as the technology grows more widespread. But they’re solid studies, with many of them double-blind and laboratory studies. It’s an incredible technology with a remarkable capacity to bring about change.

The device that we use in our office is the Mercedes of PMF device. It is a biofeedback device that reads where the body is and then determines an appropriate pulse rate based on the body’s signature. This way, it qualifies for biofeedback reimbursement if covered by your insurance, such as Beacon Health in New York State and some other insurances. If you do have questions, reach out. I’d be happy to chat with you. I’m Dr. Randy Cale, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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