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Parents Psychologist

Why Dr. Cale Is “The Parent’s Psychologist”

“Bottom Line: Because it works. That’s been my experience. Five other psychologists have tried to help my son…and nothing else worked. Thank you Dr Cale. You saved our son…and you saved our family.”

Barb, Mother of two in Blended Family

“There are child psychologists, family psychologists, and child therapists. Most do not specialize in helping parents to solve parenting struggles.

“That’s what I do. I help parents solve every imaginable parenting struggle. I have coached parents to resolve problems where other therapists have given up. I have seen the most difficult behavioral struggles disappear…when parents master the source of their true power.

“I have guided parents in using their influence so that children are no longer on medication. In fact, less than 4% of my clients end their parent coaching with their kids on medication. A few still may need help…but most are drug-free…and their parents are gloriously happy!

“I will show you how to do that…if you keep reading and learn to master these materials. Some of you may want to purchase one of the many products [See Online Store] which focus on specific parenting issues. These approaches are all based upon proven strategies that I have developed using the Terrific Parenting principles, and are remarkably effective. Each however requires that you master your responses over a brief period of time in order to get results.

“The “magic”…so to speak…occurs only when you can consistently give your kids the opportunity to learn from the choices they make. Thus, when you begin to master your own responses…your kids can learn to master theirs.

After following Dr Randy Cale’s parenting techniques and guides, my home life became a happier more tranquil place. Communication has increased between family members. The number of assumptions and accusations towards other have diminished. The children have begun to take some personal accountability in their homework, chores and each other.

My home has become a wonderful place to be at the end of a hard day at work. Life is sweeter all the way round. Take his advice, be open minded, as simple as it is to read his advice, you have to bring back what you learn and use it. Let go of your old ways and watch the behavior of your children turn around. Be patient and watch for the results. It’s amazing how simple the concepts are and it works! My family is living proof.

Heather, divorced mother of two, Florida

Have you ever…

sought advice that backfired…and even made things worse? fought with your kids, and wonder if things will ever change?

wondered why everything you read feels like it’s too soft to work? felt like you just wanted someone to tell it to you straight?

If “YES” comes to mind, then consider this. There are many sources of information on parenting. Unfortunately, much of this advice is offered by well-intentioned parents who have experienced particular difficulties, and have perhaps overcome these. At times, this type of advice is helpful.

However, often this information makes things worse because the authors do not understand where your influence — your power — as a parent comes from. Few parents who author books have the breadth of experience to distill the key fundamentals that create influence for you as a parent. Even worse, these authors often have only one set of experiences with one or two children. Unfortunately, they have no idea of the range of temperaments and severity of behavior that children can display.

Other material offered to the public focuses on specific techniques and strategies that seem to change for each specific problem. THIS CAN BE VERY CONFUSING! While Dr. Cale will address specific problems, the parenting materials on this website will repeatedly emphasize the fundamental principles, so you begin to understand where the magic comes from.

Keep in mind… there is no instant magic… but there is magic in mastering the power you have as a parent. There are common denominators for all of these problem areas. In fact, the astute reader will begin to notice consistency with the principles that are guiding the recommendations for each of the problems discussed on this website.

Finally, other professionals author books for parents, but tend to go soft when firmness is needed. Everyone seems to want to think kids learn from softness…when they don’t.

But we mustn’t confuse firmness with loving, gentle, and kind parenting. You can be absolutely calm, loving, and gentle ….as you very firmly hold the line on your parenting choices. THIS IS KEY!

Finally, many authors also tend to ignore the research…despite what years of studies suggest. They use psycho-babble rather than real language. This adds confusion rather than clarity.

In the end, they just don’t have the straightforward, proven approach of Dr. Cale, and many lack the breadth of experience that Dr. Cale has in working with thousands of parents and children.

That’s why he’s called, “The Parent’s Psychologist.”