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How Long Before I See Results?

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The Answer Varies Considerably.

Almost everyone wants to know how quickly will I receive some results? Well, the answer varies considerably. It is rare however, that you get to 15 or 20 sessions without beginning to feel a result. Now, that happens occasionally, it depends on how severe the condition is, how many years it’s been going on, if there’s been consistent years with sleep deprivation, depression, perhaps a head injury then it can take a little while longer, but generally you would think that most people would see results within 15 to 28 sessions.

Conditions, Dysregulation, and Neurofeedback.

Many are seeing pretty remarkable results in that period of time, but it’s difficult to set x patient expectations around that number because brains very greatly conditions vary greatly and the amount of dysregulation varies greatly. So, best to think of neurofeedback as something that involves months of training in order to get the sort of change the pervasive change and make the difference that we’re trying to make.

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