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Why Choose Neurofeedback To Get Better?

Why would you choose neurofeedback among the other options for getting help for your child or help for yourself?

Mother and her child with ADHD during therapy

This answer falls into several categories:

  • First of all, other than neurofeedback, very few treatments come without side effects. So if you or your child have been on medications and you hate their side effects, which tend to get worse over time, then neurofeedback is a treatment to consider.
  • Secondly, very few treatments are rated as level four or five-level interventions. Level five is the highest level of treatment available in the world of mental health. For anxiety, depression, and ADD, for example, neurofeedback, as a level four or five treatment, is among the best treatment options.
  • Thirdly, almost every treatment, therapy, or medication goes down in terms of effectiveness over time, but not neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is an incremental and gradual change; it’s not an instant quick fix, like taking a pill. This change that occurs over time represents a change in the organization and structure of the brain. Therefore, when children or adults finish treatment, its effects do not go away. Instead, they continue to improve over time because we now have a brain that functions better, feels better, and is better able to learn, grow, adapt, and cope. We also see in the literature that neurofeedback may perhaps be the only treatment that seems to get better as time goes on. Although not the case for everyone, we see it a lot.
  • Finally, if we think about how struggles for children and adults, like those related to focus, memory, sleep, ADD, or anxiety, often create a trajectory that is limited for life. These issues come with limits in terms of what we do, how satisfied we are, and what types of jobs or schooling we can tackle. Neurofeedback offers the potential for completely different paths that change this trajectory because life opens up when a brain is better able to learn, grow, adapt, cope, and find more satisfaction.

The bottom line is, who wouldn’t want more satisfaction, ease, happiness, and the ability to regulate their brains how they choose to? Because this is what neurofeedback does; it creates a better-regulated brain that we have more control over. Our brain becomes our friend and ally. We become the master of our thoughts and intentions and what we want to do, not slaves to stuff that just shows up over time. So, why do Neurofeedback? It works. It works without side effects. It works with sustained changes that can bring about a complete shift in your life’s trajectory.

I’m Dr. Randy Cale. If you have more questions, feel free to reach out by calling my office or filling out our contact form.

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