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What Diagnoses Responsive to Neurofeedback?

This is a great question that comes up often. Generally speaking, neurofeedback is a way to fundamentally change the brain’s structure, biochemistry, organization, and communication pathways. Any conditions caused by struggles in the brain could be altered through this technology. The range of conditions that can be dramatically improved by neurofeedback spans ADD, ADHD, anxiety, panic disorders, OCD, depression, sleep disorders, migraines, and even seizures. In more recent years, neurofeedback has also been proven to help with Alzheimer’s disease.

So, as you begin to think about whether your or your child’s situation can be improved with neurofeedback, the chances are that it can. While nothing is effective 100% of the time, in our clinic, we often see a remarkable change, provided that parents and clients are willing to have a conversation about what it takes to become more forward-focused in how they organize their homes, lives, and parenting strategies. This is something we help our clients with.

It should also be mentioned that in the last two years, neurofeedback has been categorized as a level four or five intervention for many mental health disorders. Level five is as good as it gets with mental health issues. So, level four or five indicates that it is an excellent treatment. Very few treatments can come close to it, particularly because its results do not deteriorate after treatment completion. In contrast, if you’re in therapy or almost any other treatment and go off your medication, you can expect things to worsen six months or a year later.

This lasting effect is because, in essence, we have reorganized the brain. We have taken a brain that’s communicating poorly and reorganized it over time. It is now functioning better and is more of a learning machine at the end of treatment, provided that a full treatment course is completed. This brain can learn, grow, function, cope, thrive, feel, and function better in so many ways. It is very exciting as the research over the last ten years has proven that neurofeedback is among the best interventions out there, with no side effects and a remarkable capacity for sustained growth over time.

Hi, I’m Dr. Randy Cale. If you have more questions, you can reach out to my office. I’d be happy to set up a consultation and speak with you. If you decide to choose neurofeedback, I hope you give us a call and allow us to serve you or your family. Take care.

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