Parenting Problems

Child Behavior Problems

happy family spending timeThere must be at least 100 ways that kids can drive us crazy! Right?!

So does that mean you need 100 different approaches to help make your home a peaceful and responsible place to live?

NO! Of course not. You just need to learn how you can use your influence…your parental power…across different situations. In this section of the website, I address a wide range child behavior problems, and begin to offer you simple solutions to resolve these common struggles. The full list of problems addressed in this section includes:

In other sections of the website (noted on the menu to your left), I offer extensive articles on parenting struggles around “>lack of responsibility, and specific “>Click Here For Parenting Solutions.

This link will take you to CD’s, DVD’s, downloadable articles, books, and email programs you can buy right now. These programs will help you start to turn things around today! You will find valuable, life-changing help for many parenting struggles.

Perhaps you will want more specific help, with a problem such as picky eating, homework battles, bedtime routines, or tantrums. Or maybe it’s a struggle with morning routines, or low self-esteem, or perhaps it’s the daily picking up of everyone’s stuff that’s driving you crazy.

Regardless of the issue, it’s likely that there is a program that you can follow, and each of these specific programs has a proven track record with hundreds of families. These are ideas that have not worked once or twice – they have worked time and time again – with the easiest to the most difficult of children; I offer such programs only after they have been tested and proven to be effective with most families.

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