Strong Willed Toddler Day 1

Day 1 Of Your 7 Day Program

Greetings, and welcome to the beginning of the end… the end of the constant resistance, the defiance and the strong-willed behavior. Today begins the first lesson. This program is set up in 7 lessons, which can be consumed in one week. Many of you will take a bit longer…perhaps a couple of weeks to get through the program, and this will be perfect.

As long as you do not waiver from honoring each lesson, a delay of a day…or even several days…between lessons will not be a problem. Others may march right through it in a week. That will work fine as well.

However, for some of those very challenging children…you will find that you need to repeat the program a week or so down the line. The reason is that you will need to become more precise in your understanding of the materials…and in how to WALK YOUR TALK with the lessons included. This is normal because you will see improvements, and yet…you will want more. The key will be in simply returning to the program, and recognizing where you can improve YOUR mastery of the tools…and watch your child follow your lead.

Please get a pad, and take good notes. Do not allow your children to listen to this. I also encourage you NOT to discuss the program with your children, except where I specifically coach you to do so.

The only exception would be the portions where I explain exactly what to say. For the most part, when it comes to explanations…less is more. There is one important exception, and this is clearly explained in a couple days.

For now, click on the PLAY button below, and get ready to make things better!

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