Child Discipline Program

Child Discipline Challenges? Looking for answers?

Over 50,000 parents turn to Dr. Randy Cale, Licensed Psychologist for answers to their parenting challenges every year, either personally, in seminars or online!

Do you have a challenging child, defiance, or aggression? Strong willed? Kids not listening? Daily discipline challenges?

Get help and answers online instantly, or speak to a consultant now. With our online solution, you get immediate downloads and training! Dr Cale’s newly updated child discipline program gives you a proven system that has worked with ADD/ADHD, defiance, aggression, negativity and disrespect. From extreme challenges to the rather typical struggles of managing daily routines, this child discipline system answers all your parenting questions.

  • Psychologist’s provides answers that end the battles, the defiance and the constant struggles!
  • Proven discipline system has worked with thousands of children.
  • Stop negative, defiant and aggressive behavior quickly.
  • Eliminate the daily misery of screaming and battling over every little thing!
  • Get your child (and you!) on track for a better life.
  • Routines, homework and chores become easeful and automatic!

If you have child discipline questions, find the answers now. You can explore our online options, or you can speak to a consultant for help. Why not get ‘the child discipline answer’ right now?

Please, you don’t have to lose any more time. Get the help now.


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Parent Feedback/Testimonials

“Dr Cale, you should be very busy! I tell everyone, “Dr Cale’s system is simple, practical and it works.” When they ask why, I say… “It’s Magic” My two boys have been strong-willed and defiant, almost since day one. After years of struggles, we now have a (usually) peaceful daily routine, with the boys doing homework and chores without a battle. Thanks Dr Cale!

– Eli G. Father of 2 boys

“You provided simple, easy to follow steps to help us with temper tantrums and behavioral issues. We read many books, and your approach is so different and refreshing. More importantly, it works! The struggles and battles are gone (thank God). Thanks!”

– Paula and John G. from Albany

“This is so simple, but yet no one teaches it. I am amazed. If I could speak to a parent struggling with these temper tantrums. . . I would say, ‘Don’t wait. Get this program! You will look back and proclaim this to be the best investment of your life!”

– MaryBeth C. Mother of two from Orlando

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