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“Dr Cale, you should be very busy! I tell everyone, “Dr Cale’s system is simple, practical and it works.” When they ask why, I say… “It’s Magic” My two boys have been strong-willed and defiant, almost since day one. After years of struggles, we now have a (usually) peaceful daily routine, with the boys doing homework and chores without a battle. Thanks Dr Cale! ”

– Eli G. Father of 2 boys

“Dr Cale… no one likes to say, ‘My kid is a bad kid.’ But honestly, he was a BAD child! Your program turned him around…and our home is NOW like living on a much HAPPIER planet. Peaceful (mostly). Many fewer battles. The disrespect is seldom seen…but mostly everyone is happy now (even the kids do homework every day without a battle!) Also, I now see that I was wrong. My son was not really ‘bad.’ My discipline plan was a bad one. When my approach got better… he got better! Thank you!”

– Kimberly M. Mother of three

“This is so simple, but yet no one teaches it. I am amazed. If I could speak to a parent struggling with these temper tantrums. . . I would say, ‘Don’t wait. Get this program! You will look back and proclaim this to be the best investment of your life!”

– MaryBeth C. Mother of two from Orlando

“Dr Cale, It’s like we live in a different home. Our son now does his homework without a battle, he picks up his room, and he’s even nice to be around. That’s like a miracle… compared to the fourteen year old we lived with 8 weeks ago! Thank you!”

– Tim & Kelly, Albany, NY Parents of three teenagers

“I can’t believe what a difference 8 weeks can make. Life is so much easier now. It’s not perfect, but I look forward to coming home again!”

– Carol H., Saratoga Springs, NY Single Mother of two

“I was skeptical, I must admit. But the principles started working right away. Each week I could see improvement, and the kids behavior changed – just like you said it would. Now, I still listen to one CD everyday, so that I stay on track. Your voice is like having my own personal coach there to remind me to stay on track! And – I know your coaching keeps helping – because things keep getting better and better. I am so grateful we found your website.”

– Lisa, mother of two from Rochester, NY

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Child Discipline Program

Child Discipline Challenges? Looking for answers?

“From Toddler To Teens… The Essential Parenting Program Will Put You Back In Control Of Your Home.”

Stop Struggling Today… There is Finally A Simple, Clear Behavior Program To Help Parents With Children and Teens Who Behave Badly

  • Are you tired of daily hassles over homework: Dread asking?
  • Constant battles over the TV, computer or video game
  • Does it seem that you are working harder on their projects than they are?
  • Pulling out your hair just to get them up in the morning?
  • Do you dread the bedtime struggles and constant fighting?
  • Disrespect or talking back?
  • Endless complaining and whining?
  • Picky eating driving you crazy? Tired of being a short-order cook?
  • Are you worried about a lack of motivation and effort?
  • Don’t know where to set limits? Not sure how to set limits?
  • Worried that your child’s future will be painful…if things don’t change.
  • Don’t know what to do with ADD and ADHD and other problem patterns?

“If you are worried sick about your child, or so frustrated and exhausted that you simply don’t know where to turn, or even find yourself so angry you could just scream… then stop your search… and read every word on this page. Please.”

Hi, I’m Dr Randy Cale and let’s talk reality for a few moments.

First, we know all kids behave poorly at times. That’s easy to see.

Yet, you are not reading this because you have had a few moments here and there. You are reading this because you have you don’t know what to do to get a handle on a situation that may be spiraling out of control. Whether it’s months…or for some it’s years…your situation is not typical, and the frustration–the exhaustion–the anger—you know you need to do something.

You have spoken to friends, to family and likely the pediatrician. You have tried all the parenting tricks you read about, and all the real tools that others offer. You may have read articles, looked up a few blogs or even read websites where therapists claim to offer better solutions because they too were problem kids, or even because they learned to raise a tough child on their own.

Frankly, most of that will not work for you—not because you can’t get it—but because you need more tools than they have in their toolbox to give to you!

The Ultimate Parenting Toolbox! Learn The Secrets of Psychologist Step-by-Step System For Turning Around Challenging Behavior Children In Just Days… Guaranteed!

From Utterly Defiant to Cooperative. From Disrespectful To Compliant. From Resistant to Helpful. And From Miserable to Happy Again.

As a Licensed Psychologist working with struggling families for almost 25 years, I know every angle that your difficult child or your challenging teen has up their sleeve. Whether they push the limits right in your face, or whether they keep finding ways to sneak around the rules…I have seen it all.

I know the complete sense of hopelessness, the exhaustion, the frustration … and the fear that there is no answer. I know how you feel when you are at the end of your rope… and you just might snap. You think you have tried everything…and doubt that anyone has a real answer. But please… please take a breath…

There Is Hope—When You Have
A Proven Parenting System!

What if I whispered to you, “There is a method — a proven, clinically tested parenting system— that fills

up your parenting toolbox with easy to use parenting solutions for every single parenting challenge you face today?” And more importantly, these tools actually change your child’s behavior from bad to good, from negative to positive and from oppositional to agreeable.

Would you get excited? I hope so…because if you allow me a few minutes, I can show you that this will be the most useful time you have ever invested in changing your child’s difficult behavior problems.

When Other Approaches Fail, Find A Method That Gives You Something More… And Not More Words!

I have parents walking into my clinic everyday who are at the end of their rope. Many of the common strategies are failing them, and like you — they just don’t know where to turn. Some call their pediatrician, and find nothing helpful. Some seek counseling, and the counselor is useless in changing bad behavior. In fact, the counselor seems to just feed into the problem many times.

Some of my clients turn to the Internet first and seek programs that “transform” children. Most of these approaches fail, not because the teachers are bad people or because their tools are bad. Instead…

Most Systems Fail Because They Focus In The Wrong Direction

Look, how many more times can you hear counselors, doctors, speakers and even other parents talk about children needing help with their feelings. They feel bad about their life. They feel bad about you. They feel bad about themselves. It’s endless…the complete obsession we have with the negative emotions and feelings expressed by your badly behaving child. We try to make change by working with feelings.

This is a mistake. A big, ugly serious mistake.

If this weren’t true, why isn’t your child getting better? Let me explain why the focus on feelings, and self-esteem is just a huge mistake. Please watch my educational video below.

What I do believe is that I want to off invite you change. Not into a world of greater responsibility, more peace and happiness, and more cooperation and thoughtfulness. Are you ready? Sound impossible. I understand.

This is just a sample of the feedback we receive from parents who have worked through the Essential Parenting Home Study Program. This is not a one-time, listen in the car and get a few tips kind of program.

Nope. It’s the real deal. So continue … if you are serious about making some major changes in the quality of life at home.

When you invest in this program, it’s unlike any other course you can buy, and here’s why:

You Get Expert Parenting Tools Pulled From 25 Years Of Sweating It Out With 100’s Of Families… All in Your Hands In Just 5 Minutes From Now!

That’s right. I have been working with families for over 25 years, and have studied every major approach to changing behavior. Rather than wasting your time sorting through tons of useless information, you get what really works.

You don’t waste time with psychobabble, and other useless theories about your children.

Most programs start with theories that waste your time, and your life energy. I don’t do that in this program BECAUSE most theory explains very little. While action is what rules the game of life. I teach you what actions really make a difference.

You learn in increments that challenge you, but don’t overwhelm you.

The secret to any approach that is going to create lasting change. Is making sure YOU CAN REALLY GET THROUGH IT. It does not good to fill up a bunch of CD’s with information that you never really complete. You won’t find that here. Each CD will be user friendly, engaging, and provide clear direction for any situation.

The tools you learn immediately require your children to adjust to reality.

Okay, this is my pet peeve. Most of my colleagues tend to take the wrong approach when it comes to children who are struggling with negative patterns, ADD, disrespect, not getting along and the rest. They tend to set up home environments that do not reflect reality. In doing so, they ensure that Mom and Dad work harder than their children and that the kids are never prepared for real life. In fact, if not careful, many of the approaches actually nurture “dependence” rather than “independence.” Not so on this program.I guarantees it!

I teach you to fish in this program. I don’t give you the fish.

In some parenting programs, you get the fish…meaning that you are told exactly what to do when you son does something like…mistreats his sister. You are given a formula for that specific situation and therefore the “fish” is the exact answer. You don’t have to think…you just do it (and I must admit…I offer programs like that as well…that’s where I hand you the fish).

In this program, you do get an occasional fish…but mostly…I really teach you how to fish. In any situation. In any circumstances. With any child personality. With any behavior. I guarantee it (more on this in a few paragraphs). But first…

What Makes “The Ultimate Parenting Toolbox” So Powerful?

First, I don’t waste your time on theory and conjecture. While I do strive to give you a sense of how things can turn bad quickly and what you can do about it. My focus is to keep it practical and “user-friendly.” Next, I outline the core mistakes you simply can’t afford to make if you are to get this problem under control. I reveal why most books do not discuss these secrets, and teach you how to avoid those core mistakes.

Finally, you get a proven formula to get your kids on track to healthy behavior…in every area of life. With each weekly step of the program, I will walk you through what you need to do, when to do it, and what to say to your kids.

Essential Parenting Home Study Course Program For Only $119

This is an instant download package
All Major Credit Cards, Paypal and Online Checks Are Accepted.

Perhaps you aren’t ready yet to invest in such a powerful course, and you’re wondering. What will you really get out of this program? I give you the tools to master the entire demands of raising your children from 2 to 22. For example.

  • You learn how you have influence, and how to use this influence.
  • You discover what you are doing that makes things worse (BIG KEY TO SUCCESS!)
  • You get amazing, yet practical, solutions for real life struggles
  • You learn how your child’s brain is wired to pull you into their problems (and trust me this is not good!)
  • You can forget medications as a solution for long-term struggles, and focus on how you can nurture life long patterns of success.
  • You will be stunned by how much change occurs in the first two weeks alone
  • You unravel the mysteries of why your hard work produces more dependent behavior
  • You’ll discover how the difficult, challenging, strong-willed.and even oppositional child can easily be directed into a pattern of greater success.
  • And these are just a few of the benefits you get!

You get at least 14 times your money’s worth!

Essential Parenting Home Study Course Program For Only $119

This is an instant download package
All Major Credit Cards, Paypal and Online Checks Are Accepted.

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