Bye Bye Bedtime Battles

Learn Our Proven System To End Bedtime Battles,
Bedtime Tantrums, Endless Fights Over Getting to Bed

“Learn Dr. Cale’s Proven Formula That Get Children to Bed . . .
Even the Stubborn and Difficult Ones!”

Get Dr. Cale’s special report that will guide you through a simple step-by-step formula. You can end those bedtime battles. It’s not a fantasy . . . It’s reality!

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Expert Child Psychologist and author of Bye Bye Bedtime Battles, Dr. Randy Cale, is back with a brand-new special report designed specifically to help parents gain control of crazy, out of control bedtime battles. End the meltdowns! End the fighting! End the constant trips to the bathroom! End the struggles to get teeth brushed, and into bed on time.

And yes… even stubborn, defiant, strong-willed, bullheaded, quick to go ballistic children learn quickly from Dr. Cale’s positive discipline methods. You’ve seen him on TV and read his articles in major publications. Now, let Dr. Cale teach you how to put an end to your child’s stubborn bedtime habits . . . once and for all.

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Parent Feedback/Testimonials

“Hey Doc. Just a quick note. I bought this program because I thought it would be a good gift for my wife, who goes crazy with the kids every night…getting them to bed. I work late, and she is a mess by the time I get home. As it turns out, the Bye Bye Bedtime Battles program saved the day. NOW, when I get home, we can have some real time tighter. We have some time to ourselves…that is quality time. Thanks!”

– Ray Edwards, Father of 4 boys

“I was hesitant to believe that this Bedtime Battles plan could work. I tried everything, and Dr. Cale, you made it sound a bit too easy…to be honest. BECAUSE it’s wasn’t that easy at first…but then, just like you said, things turned around quickly. What a relief…from all the battles, the arguing, the negotiations…and late bedtimes! Within days, the kids were in bed on time, without a hassle, and life is SO much better. I’m not one to make suggestions to others…so I can only say that I personally got more out of this little program than I have from dozens of other books on parenting. Thanks for making this available…the program was fantastic (even if the first couple days were really really tough!)”

– Ava Gardner, Mother of 2

“There is no more screaming ugly words from my son. There are no more extended bedtimes. There are no more frustrated goodnights, and angry “go to bed NOW.” It’s all working smooth. Thanks to the Bye Bye Bedtime Battles guide. What a simple, but practical set of tools. Thanks!”

– Melissa, Mother of 3 from Minnesota

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