“Don’t Risk Your Child’s Educational Success By Repeating The Same Mistakes Over & Over… While Your Children Fail.”

At Last, You Can Get Help With Dr Cale’s Breakthrough Parenting Program For Educational Success.

Dear Parents

Do you find yourself both worried and upset with the constant struggles over homework? Does it seem like you are working harder at your child’s success than they are? Are you exhausted from the daily arm wrestling over homework? Are you afraid that failure in school will destroy your child’s chances of success in the future?

If so, I understand.

Hi. I am Dr Randy Cale. As a Licensed Psychologist, author, speaker and parenting expert, I have worked with literally thousands of families with parenting concerns.

Many of these parents had daily battles (really ugly battles!) with their children over homework. Others were worried because their children lacked motivation, and still others had children who would take 4 hours to do 40 minutes of work.

Some of my coaching clients had children with ADD, and they had been told that medication was the only answer. They were looking for another option.

And others of you may find yourself worried about the future because you are uncertain about how to handle homework, daily routines, and the lack of desire you see in your child’s study habits.

All of these are legitimate causes for concern. We know that the habits your children develop today are most likely the habits they take with them into the future.

So we all need to be concerned, and prepared. And the best preparation is to learn a proven program that has a proven track record of consistent success! The Educational Success program brings that to you! You may be wondering if this is right for you?

Take the Educational Risk Survey!

Have you tried any or all of the following?

  • Taking away the TV or computer or video games?
  • Lecturing about the importance of school?
  • Going through their book-bag with them everyday?
  • Calling their teachers to get help but to no avail?
  • Battling with them over sitting down to do their work?
  • Taking away sports or weekend fun to get them to do homework?
  • Nagging them repeatedly to stay focused?
  • Using reinforcement charts, star charts, stickers?
  • Heaping on lots of praise?
  • Providing incentives and rewards?
  • Pulling back and letting the natural consequences teach?
  • Pleading and begging them to cooperate?
  • Laying awake at night asking for guidance out of this mess?
  • Getting therapy that doesn’t seem to work?
  • Reading books on homework with the same old ideas?
  • Asking all your friends for ideas?

While some of these approaches may work for a while, all of these fail to provide a long term solution…
unless you get lucky.

When It Comes To Your Child’s Academic Success, You Don’t Want To Depend Upon Luck… Do You?

Let me ask you: What if there is a proven approach to homework routines that has worked with children of all personality types, and with various abilities and diagnoses (e.g., ADD, ODD, ADHD, OCD, etc.)?

What if I explained that this approach is 100% unconditionally Guaranteed (no questions asked) to work for you, or I buy back the program?

What if I could further explain that I guarantee my programs because I know that they work, and that these hidden secrets are easily absorbed by most parents without difficulty?

In other words, everyone can use and understand this program. Every child can benefit from learning the “habits of success.” And every parent can learn to apply these techniques to make the daily routines “smooth and easy.”

With This Life Changing Information You Will Be…

  • Getting rid of daily homework battles.
  • Making sure kids do their best.
  • Getting your children to take responsibility.
  • Putting an end to worries over failure.
  • Setting daily routines to auto-pilot.
  • Forever end their whining about homework.
  • Develop self-motivation without you pushing.
  • Holding children accountable with less effort.
  • Building better relationships with less nagging.
  • Making educational success automatic.
  • And more…

I reach tens of thousands of parents every day through my speaking engagements, TV interviews, newspaper and magazine articles and my email readership. Some find their way here, and invest in this life-changing program. My research suggests that relatively few believe that they can make changes that will transform their home in only a few short weeks.

They were skeptical, like Julia from Queensbury, NY.

“Dr Cale, I attended your “Habits of Success” seminar a while back, and loved your message. However, I didn’t really believe that your techniques would make such a powerful difference, so I did not buy your Educational Success program…but my best friend DID! And she lives right next door.


Wow. What a difference I saw in only two weeks. Her kids used to argue with her every day, and this virtually disappeared. More importantly, they were doing their homework without any of the struggles I used to listen to.

So I ordered your program online, and now I can honestly say, “Thank God.” I no longer fight or battle with my children over their homework. My days are more peaceful. My kids are more responsible.

I told my friend, “It’s amazing. Truly amazing.” So I thought I should let you know because I am telling everyone to buy your program. I can’t imagine a better investment of my money. Not only do I have confidence that my children will do their best in school, I have a better relationship with them. I am happier being with them, and I sleep better at night.

Thank you again! If you hadn’t shown up in my life, I dread the thought of where I would be right now!!!”

– Julia from Queensbury, NY.

Why No One Has Returned This Program (Yet)!

What I am about to say next may sound strange, but it’s the truth. I have sold thousands of my programs to families all over the world. Sometimes, an occasional parent will send a program back…stating that it was too hard for them, or that it didn’t work. (To be quite honest, usually the packing hasn’t been opened…but that’s okay…I always honor my guarantee!)

Where I’m going here is this: So far (KNOCK ON WOOD) this program on Educational Success has NEVER BEEN RETURNED. Now PLEASE don’t get any ideas that you need to buy this just to be the one who sends it back, but as I am writing this on August 04, I have never had a complaint or a return of this program. I find that amazing, and at the same time. Very gratifying.

I bring this up because there is a very simple reason behind this track record of success. In this program, I show you how to get away from wasting your time and energy trying to force things to happen. Instead, the “Educational Success” DVD program is like the parenting intensive on how to establish the structure, the routines, the language, and the reinforcement patterns that produce academic success.

When I refer to this as a “intensive,” this is not to suggest that the information is hurried or lacking in any way. It’s quite the opposite.

It’s just that you (in this 90 minute intensive) are exposed to a comprehensive program that I coach parents to implement over 4-6 weeks in my private counseling sessions. You get it all…in this intensive presentation. But just as I did in this live, intimate presentation…you get the complete details to managing every homework challenge I have seen (and I have seen most of them over the past 20 years as a psychologist!).

Listen to what MaryBeth experienced with the Educational Success program…

Dr. Cale, I have followed your Terrific Parenting newsletter for years, since my son was four. It wasn’t until he hit 4th grade that I began to realize that we had a real homework problem on our hands. Every school night, we spent hours getting him to complete 30 minutes of real homework.


He would cry. He would whine. He would throw a tantrum. He would say, “I don’t know how to…” He would distract himself in any way he could. He would pick fights with his sister. It was miserable…and it went on for hours.

In essence, he would do anything to get out of doing his homework. Every evening was a huge struggle, and I often went to bed angry at him.

And then I remembered your website. I found the Educational Success DVD, and purchased it. Over the next week, I watched it several times, and immediately put the plan into action.

The results were just as you predicted. At first, he was angry, frustrated and upset. But I followed your precise directions, and guess what…HE CAME AROUND…ALL IN A MATTER OF DAYS.

I can’t even begin to tell you how this has changed our home. Now he does his homework as soon as he gets home, with no battle, and no hassles. He almost always does his best, and he asks for help ONLY when he really needs it.

More importantly, he went from getting almost all C’s to a strong A-B student.

We are so happy. I would tell anyone to buy your program – but only if they want to have more time for laughter, fun and just normal family life. The Educational Success program gave me my family back. Thank you Dr Cale!”


What Are The Fundamentals Behind The Habits Of Educational Success?

In this live DVD recording to a small, intimate audience, I walk the audience through the secrets of how to develop the habits of success. Each of the principles are reviewed, and the formula for establishing the “Habits of Educational Success” is discussed in detail. It is a lot of information for an audience to fully consume in one sitting.

However…the advantage for you is that you can watch this transformative program several times. You can continue to refine your understanding of what you need to do when, by reviewing the program after you purchase.

When I speak to audiences, I constantly remind them that it is difficult to do everything at once. Why? Because these changes at home require us to change first.

You may have to change…

  • what you are modeling;
  • what behaviors you notice;
  • what behaviors you walk away from;
  • how you structure daily activities;
  • how you reinforce those daily activities.
  • how you reinforce those daily activities.
  • when you let your children fail.
  • how you think about failure and learning.

Don’t worry. I guide you through every step, and show you exactly what to do and why it works.

I will then teach you the magic of making certain that your children learn that they must work harder at their success than you do! You see. Up till now…you have been working harder than they have…at their success.

That approach doesn’t work!

And yet, you can’t just pull away completely…because that approach doesn’t work either. We know that.

Instead, I gently guide you in how to make sure your child takes responsibility for their work, while you hold them accountable to doing their best. This is really the magic combination which has produced remarkable changes for family after family.

Please keep in mind…you won’t find this anywhere else. You can do your research if you want, but you just won’t find it because few psychologist have focused so much of their career on uncovering the hidden secrets that come together to give you such power.

9 Lessons You Will Learn In This Program and No Where Else…

You will learn to:

  • stop trying to force it to happen (since it doesn’t work);
  • use the environment to teach quickly and naturally … rather than trying to control your child;
  • walk away from negative moments that previously pulled you in;
  • promote independence rather than dependence;
  • nurture responsible, rather than irresponsible behavior;
  • use subtle but more powerful forms of parental influence (not taught elsewhere);
  • change your child’s level of respect for you and their schoolwork as weeks go forward;
  • know exactly what to expect and what to do; and
  • allow your children to learn to take responsibility.

Let me be clear about this: When I refer to the habits of Educational Success, I refer to a structure and routine for children that promotes responsible action balanced with health, happiness and success. I am not supportive of the obsession upon academic success to the exclusion of a well-balanced, happy life for children. In fact, if that’s how you intend to use these tools, then please don’t buy here.

The approach you learn to master with Educational Success is really about a way of living that ensures that children learn to take care of important things first.

“This program gives me the tools to know exactly what to do. I know how to prioritize my day so that my decisions teach my children what to do first. They now take care of their homework before doing anything else. I love it.”


-Brenda, Mother of two from Boston

When we set up that structure in the home, healthy choices begin to reinforce themselves. The habit becomes automatic, and parents simply step into the role of continuing to nurture this healthy process. As time goes on, this structure does not require external validation or support, and thus we get to relax, worry less and focus our energy on other areas of importance.

Educational Success is not about getting all A’s, being number one in your class, or getting into the best colleges. Those are wonderful outcomes, and this program will bring better grades, an improved GPA and a better chance for a better future.

And yet, the results don’t stop there. The behaviors that your children learn when you put this program to work are habits that will stay with them forever.

You Learn How To Build Habits…Not Just Temporary Changes…

  • The habits of Educational Success are about doing your best.
  • The habits of Educational Success are about consistently following your passion and your goals.
  • The habits of Educational Success are about consistently nurturing the values most important to you.
  • The habits of Educational Success are not about falling prey to the momentary influence of negative people.
  • The habits of Educational Success are not about succumbing to impulsive, short-term gratifications.
  • The habits of Educational Success are not about listening to others, but listening more deeply and consistently to your heart.

Educational Success teaches a methodology…a specific plan that parents put in place to teach children to stay focused on what is really important. The best way to ensure that important behaviors and important values are honored is to make sure that they become habits. That’s right: habits!

I hope by now…you realize that I want you to have the tools to build these habits. So I have put together a package that will ensure that you find success with your efforts.

Here’s What You Get In The Educational Success Package:

In the Educational Success Package, you get an Educational Success 90 minute DVD Recording of Live Presentation. You also get my DVD Introduction To The Terrific Parenting Principles. In addition, as my gift to you, I have included my CD Copy Of Think Positive — yours free with this package.

Let me break the package down for you:

Educational Success 90 minute DVD Recording of Live Presentation

This 90 minute DVD recording of a live seminar is focused exclusively on how to build the habits of educational success.

I devote the entire presentation to covering virtually every question and issue that arises about mastering the homework challenges of everyday life.

But that’s not all. I also address all those unusual situations that occur, including the challenges of ADD, how to deal with distractions, children who lie and learning difficulties. In other words, I cover the bases on just about every question that comes up from parents who put this life changing program into place.

As I mentioned, the secret is in an approach that includes all of the tools you need to have profound influence on your children. This program includes what to say to the kids, how to set up the structure, and how to support and nurture rapid change. The focus of this program is to teach you how to ensure that your children develop habits that ultimately produce success.

But guess what, there is still more! Since I know it’s 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to decide now you want this program!

Bonus #1: DVD Intro To The Terrific Parenting Principles
(Value at $29.95!)

In this 18 minute recording, I walk you through the principles that I use to help thousands of families with every imaginable behavioral concern. Granted…it’s not my full parenting program, but I do give you an overview of the core principles that allow your adjustments at home to evoke life changing responses from your children. (I sell this introductory DVD at workshops for $29.95…and I give it to you free!)

Bonus #2: CD Copy Of Think Positive (Value $59.00)

A personal motivation CD designed to help parents remain positive, feeling enthusiastic and remain focused on personal and family goals. (I sell this introductory CD at workshops for $59.00…and I give it to you free!)

Let’s summarize: You get the 90 minute DVD outlining exactly what to do to set up your home to promote educational success. You get the DVD Introduction to Terrific Parenting, The Think Positive CD, and 30 days of email support from Dr. Cale. All total, this package sells separately for $297.00. But you buy this for the bargain price of $67.00.

The total cost of this package is: $149.95 Yours today $67

And don’t worry – you can buy this program with absolutely no risk. I stand behind each and every one of my products with an iron clad guarantee.

educational success guarantee

Educational Success Standard Package
for only $74 Today $67

All Major Credit Cards, Paypal and Online Checks Are Accepted.

Here’s the bottom line:

None of us want our children to fail, especially when we know they are capable of more. Our worries keep us awake at night, and the battles give us ulcers.

I truly want to show you that there is a way out of this mess. And it’s not where everyone else is pointing you. If it were…you would not be reading this page.

The proven formula I give you on this program comes with my 100% no risk guarantee. It works, or I buy back the program.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t need help. Here it is. I promise you the best solution, and if it isn’t for you. You got nothing to lose!

And everything to gain. Your sanity. Your peace of mind. Your child’s future. And, most importantly, the knowledge that you did not make the mistake of ignoring an amazing solution sitting right in front of you. So please, just say…

Yes! Dr. Cale, I’m Ready for Educational Success

  • I understand that if I use your professional, time proven step-by-step action plan, I will have a strategy to improve my child’s educational success
  • I also understand I am backed by 365-day, 100% NO RISK GUARANTEE.
  • I understand that for only $67, I will be able to get the following:

I Also Understand
This Package Includes:

DVD Educational Success DVD Recording ($67.00 value)
DVD Bonus DVD Introduction To The Terrific Parenting Principles ($29.95 value)
CD Bonus CD Copy Of Think Positive ($59.00 value)

Educational Success Standard Package
for only $149.95 $67

Just click here to order now using our secure server

PS: Remember, there is no risk! If you buy this program, review the material carefully, and put this into place in your home for the next thirty days, it will make a difference! I unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction, or I will buy the entire package back from you!

PPS: You won’t need me to tell you that it’s making a difference. You will see it everyday…in the way you get along with your children…in the grades they receive…and in the peace you have in your home.

Why am I so confident? Because this program shows you how to use your influence!

  • It shows you how to set up a structure that must work to organize children toward success.
  • It teaches you how to stop wasting your energy and start using it effectively.
  • It shows you how to model exactly what you want your children to really get.
  • When you do all that, your kids will “get it!”

Educational Success Standard Package
for only $74 Today $67

All Major Credit Cards, Paypal and Online Checks Are Accepted.

“Thank God we found you!


Dr Cale, we got to you in just the nick of time. What a difference it’s made. It’s amazing, and quite frankly…I would not have believed this was possible.

But…You know…your approach just makes sense. We did exactly what you said, and we saw the change right away. It was next to immediate. Tommy is enjoying school. He’s having a ball! He even decided to play sports on his own. We are so happy for him…our home is just so much better.

Thank God we found you!”

–Thomas M, Father of 2 children

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