What if you never had to hear this again?

“I Don’t Want To!”
“You Can’t Make Me!”
“I Hate You!”

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    Now You Can Turn Your Strong Minded, Defiant, Cantankerous, Uncompromising, Fit-Throwing Kid Into A Happy, Confident, Well-Behaved Child

    Expert Child Psychologist and author of The Tantrum Fixer, Dr. Randy Cale, is back with a brand-new e-course designed specifically to help parents gain control of stubborn, bullheaded, and quick to meltdown children from ages 2 ½ to 7 ½. You’ve seen him on TV and read his articles in major publications. Now, let Dr. Cale teach you how to put an end to your toddler’s defiance – once and for all.

    Here’s what you’ll learn from The Parenting Psychologist’s 7 Secrets to Ending Toddler Behavior Problems…

    • How parents sabotage “time outs”

    • Why kids don’t care if you punish them for bad behavior

    • What you should do when your child opposes everything you try to do in public

    • How to plant and nourish the seeds of good behavior and help your child want to do the right thing

    • How changing your attitude toward your child’s defiance is critical to your success

    • How to stop listening to unhelpful advice

    Finally there’s an effective way to turn your uncooperative, hard-headed, tantrum throwing toddler into a model of good behavior. Let Dr. Cale’s 20+ years of experience helping thousands of families help you take control and raise children who will be respectful, cooperative, and a joy to be around.

    Imagine well-behaved children and parents who enjoy their company, all with…The Parenting Psychologist’s 7 Secrets to Ending Toddler Behavior Problems

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