“Learn My Positive Toddler-Discipline Program
In Just 10 Minutes A Day…”

“And In Just 7 Days You Can End Your Toddler Behavior Problems”

“How to Turn Your Defiant, Resistant, Whining, Crying, Biting, Tantrum-Throwing, Stubborn-as-a-Mule Strong Willed Toddler Into A Happy, Confident, and Well-Behaved Child”

Dear Parent:

For many of us, It’s like a battle that never ends, isn’t it?

Mom is continually crushed under the spell and strength of the undisciplined, defiant strong-willed toddler!

For many of you, this pattern repeats itself throughout the day, getting worse as you attempt to take control.

At the end of the day, you’re stressed out because your child has walked all over you – again. Another day has passed with you questioning what kind of toddler has this much power? At other times, you feel embarrassed as you question your own parenting skills and your child is missing out on learning how to be responsible for his behavior.

Now for some of you reading this, it’s not quite this bad. For others, you are likely saying… “Oh, that’s just the tip of the iceberg!” Regardless….

It doesn’t have to be this way. Take it from someone who knows…

I’m Dr. Randy Cale, a veteran psychologist who has helped over 7,000 families (in my private practice) with children just like yours. As a parenting expert, I have helped thousands more through my online products and services. These include:

  • Mom’s with two year olds who seemed to redefine “The Terrible Two’s,” where aggression, stomping feet and meltdowns are part of daily life.
  • Families with hard-headed three year olds who have screaming fits 2-3 times a day, often in the middle of department stores, the bank waiting line and even at grandma’s house.
  • Single dad’s with preschoolers who throw cereal bowls across the room, bite like wild animals when they don’t get their way and hit without remorse.
  • Parents with children as older toddlers who seem to be angels at preschool and turn to monsters the moment they get home.
  • Mom’s who are gentle and easy, as well as mom’s who are firm and believe in discipline, who still can’t manage their stubborn, uncooperative strong-willed toddler despite reading a dozen books on parenting.

These were all families who were frustrated, at the end of their rope and had tried everything – yet nothing had worked. Until now…

“What Those 7,000 Families NOW Know…
That You Don’t (At least… not yet)”

I learned a great deal studying for my PhD in Psychology. However, I’ve learned far more from the 7,000+ families I’ve helped during my more than two decades of clinical practice. Now I can share what I’ve learned, not just with my in-office parents and children, but with you- and thousands like you- who are desperate for a solution to their toddler’sdefiant and strong-willed behavior. Here’s just a small sample of the things I have been fortunate enough to stumble upon in my career…

“Key Lessons I Have Learned”

  1. How most parents sabotage “time outs” (while trying to do the right thing)
  2. Why kids don’t care if you punish them for bad behavior(especially defiant toddlers)
  3. When parents should stop reassuring a child (and most of us don’t know this secret to self-esteem)
  4. How to choose calm over “insanity” and keep your kids from stealing your peace of mind.
  5. Ways you can weed out the “bad behaviors” quickly, while nurturing the beginnings of cooperation.
  6. How to plant and nourish the seeds of good behavior and help your child want to do the right thing
  7. Why controlling the home environment ultimately brings your control over those stubborn, out-of-control moments (the true secret to teaching good behavior… rather than futile efforts to control your toddler)
  8. What structure means to a child and a family (NOT what you think!)
  9. When and how to use consequences as a way to improve your child’s behavior (the hush-hush bread and butter tools that keeps psychologist in business)

With your peace of mind and the development of your child as my focus – I’ve taken what I’ve learned from those 7,000 kids and their parents and turned it into a 10-15” a day parenting course you can listen (or watch) in the comfort of your home. Over a short seven day period, you will master the tools that get your child doing what you want her to do, when you want her to do it. The whole program will take only 90” of your time, and each day you will have tiny, small steps to take… and each one puts you back in control of your home!

Introducing Dr Cale’s Newest Program…
“Raising The Strong Willed Toddler”

“The Psychologist Seven Day Discipline Solution to End Your Toddler’s Stubborn, Un-Cooperative Behavior!”
First, understand you are not alone…

Second, you are not a bad parent…

Third, your child’s behavior CAN change and, at this age, behavior improves quickly…(when you GET it!)

Some of you may have resigned yourselves to believing your child’s stubborn streak is genetic and there’s just nothing you’ll ever do that will change their behavior.


While there is evidence that stubborn, resistant behavior can begin as early as 10-12 weeks old (YES… some of you know this already!)

Yet, this doesn’t mean you are powerless. Far from it, actually. The key is using understanding that this type of resistant, strong-willed child requires a better understanding of behavior, and a better set of parenting tools in your toolbox. Without those tools, you are stuck doing the same old thing….day in…and day out.

You’re worn out from struggling your toddler, day after day after day. Your sanity, your health and your relationships are at risk. Your child’s future is at risk as well, as these foundational years determine future patterns of responsibility and discipline.

Enough is enough. Raising The Strong Willed Toddler was developed to help you end the fight so you regain your sanity and focus on raising kids who are a joy to be around and who have a passion for life and learning.

Doesn’t that sound like the best use of your time and money?

As the child specialist who has worked with thousands of families… It does to me. I can’t understand going through another day of struggles and battles, when a proven solution is within reach.

I have seen the consequences of a failure to take action and get the right help. I have seen the results of continued battles, and the effects on children and parents. I know first-hand how utterly destructive such defiant patterns can be to a child’s future.

So for me, this is a no-brainer. Help is needed, and my state-of-the-art “Secrets to toddler discipline” program (Raising Strong Willed Toddler)

Several years ago, I realized I could only treat so many children a day in my office. But so many more families are suffering, headed down the wrong path and if they only knew these principles and had these precise parenting tools, they could literally work miracles with their toddler’s behavior in no time at all.

Raising The Strong Willed Toddler is a seven session online course, demanding only 10-15” a day of your precious time, that gives you all the tools you need to turn mule-stubborn, uncooperative, and downright bratty toddlers into cooperative, mature, well-behaved boys and girls — in as little as one week. Implement each easy-to-learn step one day at a time, and in a week… you are done! Or… you will still get the same result, even if you need a bit more time, or have to take a day off here or there. It will just give you more opportunity to practice the skills you are learning!

Make no mistake, there are thousands of children out there just like yours, who are driving their parents BONKERS with their stubborn, unresponsive, and defiant behavior. There is hope…opportunity…and a way to change your child’s behavior – quickly.

“The Parenting Psychologist”
That’s what the press calls me. When I appear on television, or I’m quoted in print, reporters often ask me the same questions you and other parents are curious about…

  • How do I reason with my child so I can get him to do what I want?
  • Why is my daughter so defiant, even about the smallest things?
  • My toddler skipped the terrible twos but now we’re in the middle of the ferocious fours. What happened?
  • My kid doesn’t seem to respond to my punishments. Why?
  • My son screams “No!” and runs off when I ask for the littlest things? Why won’t he cooperate?
  • What should I do when my child opposes everything we try to do, at home or in public?
  • Is there something wrong with my child…or maybe with me?

Let’s start with most important answer of all…

“Your Child Is Normal. And So Are You.”
After years of treating families and children like yours, I’ve arrived at an important conclusion: Despite what many people think, families with misbehaving children usually do not need therapy.

That’s right. You don’t need therapy…and in all likelihood, neither does your child. What you need is the truth about how to influence your child’s strong willed behavior…

“Raising The Strong Willed Toddler Is The Result Of Over 20 Years Of Helping Kids Like Yours”

Over the past 20-plus years, I’ve worked with so many tearful parents – so distraught over their children’s behavior it would send shivers down your spine.

There was the family that never made it into the waiting room because their defiant child simply refused to come into my office. ..he threw an embarrassing all out tantrum in the parking lot…

The countless children who insisted on negotiating over everything, finally throwing a hissy fit when they didn’t get what they wanted…

The toddler divas-in-training who seem to believe that mom/dad are there to meet their every whim and desire, as well as the obstinate, out-right defiant boys who responded to no one and acted as if they were 16… And

The toddlers who held their breath until they turned blue…and then proceeded to meltdown into a crying, shivering sobbing emotional mess, while mom held on for dear life… And

The 1st graders, 2nd graders and even 3rd graders who were completely uncooperative, strong-minded, and ODD (oppositional-defiant disorder)…and ruled the house with no sense of regret for their actions… And

The twins who took turns being intractable. Their uncompromising behavior was no match for their totally unprepared parents… And even Jacob…

Jacob The Brick Wall

This young man’s story is just one of many which led to me developing Raising The Strong Willed Toddler. Perhaps he’ll remind you of your own child…

Jacob was just five years old when I met him some years ago. In a way, it wasn’t like meeting a child. That’s because meeting Jacob was almost impossible. When I introduced myself, he folded his arms, turned his head to the side and donned a scowl of contempt.

Young Jacob had already been diagnosed with all sorts of behavioral problems ranging from ADHD (or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)to Bi-polar disorder to PTSD (or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Each disorder had let to a different trial of a different type of medication, and yet…nothing was improving. In fact, the opposite was happening. He was more unpredictable, more defiant and definitely…he was UNHAPPY. When his family came to me, they were hoping against hope.

Jacob refused to leave the house and literally had to be dragged to the car. Not figuratively, but literally. On the way into the office, Jacob screamed and cried. He kicked his father and bit his mother. The scene was right out of “The Nightmare of Parenting” movie. In the office he was completely unresponsive, his strong will testing the already weakened resolve of his parents. Even as the “Doctor” there was no moving or changing this pattern. When pushed, he pushed back harder.

His parents went from pleading with him to snap out of it threatening to lock him in his room for a week. Sometimes I still wonder why I took him on as a patient. Back then I was just beginning to formulate an integrated plan on how to deal with such difficult children and Jacob was a real test case for my emerging methods.

Eventually Jacob improved. He taught me a very valuable lesson, and it remains a foundation of all my work. We can never afford to get caught in the drama, and see things as desperate. Such behavior is always the result of learning experiences (combined with biology and heredity) and the process of bringing about change demands patience, non-reactivity and mostly… a clear set of parenting guidelines.

Jacob parents were highly motivated, and were willing to follow the guidelines. I re-trained his parents to effectively deal with his hardheadedness and out-right crazy behavior. To their credit, they followed my instructions to the letter. Very quickly, Jacob’s strong will was harnessed – not broken. His behavior steadily came into line. He remains a unique young man, but he is thriving in every way.

Let’s just say Jacob was one of many children who taught me not only to appreciate the challenges obstinate and difficult children bring, but to redouble my efforts to find a quick and effective solution to their behavior problems.

Now, after dealing with more than 7,000 families, I have the tools you can use to create cooperative, well-behaved kids. And with Raising The Strong Willed Toddler, you can do it in just seven days – often much less!

“If You’re Ready To Try Raising The Strong Willed Toddler, Stop Reading And Order Below…”

Raising The Strong Willed Toddler Package Just $37

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In my early years as a psychologist, naturally I followed the traditional methods taught to me in school. Unfortunately, they often didn’t seem to work very well. Week after week would pass by with parents and children desperately seeking solutions that I just didn’t seem to possess. My skills were more suited for long-term therapy, and keeping families in therapy for years.

I felt so guilty and inadequate. I knew there had to be a better answer. I just didn’t know what it was.

“Why Raising The Strong Willed Toddler Works When Traditional Treatments Don’t”

So I went back to the drawing board and started studying all over again. I studied short-term therapy. I studied pure behavioral strategies, and modern cognitive behavioral strategy. I studiedNeurolinguistic Programming, and Dialetical Behavior Therapy. I even studied hypnotherapy, and other more esoteric therapies.

Now those fields of study may not mean anything to you but they are what led me to discover what really works and what definitely doesn’t. This focused rapid-change toddler program combines the best that I have learned, and you benefit with a simple, clinic-proven gameplan that gets you results fast.

“My Golden Rule: Keep Your Cool”

Once I had jump-started my thinking (and dealt with a number of children like Jacob), I came to realize one very important thing:

Many of the parents I was counseling suffered from the same thing…they had a short fuse that was simply looking for a reason to blow!

Let’s face it – parents grow very tired of dealing with strong willed children. Episode after episode of non-cooperation, defiance, and obstinance followed by screaming, yelling, and physical violence leaves you exhausted in both body and spirit. You doubt your ability to be a parent. On one hand you want your child to just listen and do what he’s told. On the other hand, you’re ready to knock him into next week!

You plead then threaten. You bargain. You punish. You try hugging and kissing and rationalizing. You yell back. In the end you will try almost anything to simply get the kid to do what you ask.

In other words, you lose your cool when dealing with your Strong Willed Toddler.

The first thing Raising The Strong Willed Toddler teaches is keep your cool. Whatever happens, whatever your child does, whatever path your emotions are leading you down – keep calm. Stay in control – don’t let dealing your strong minded toddler cause you to lose your composure. Without this skill… all is lost!

“You Have The Power… In Just…”

“10 Minutes A Day… To A More Well Behaved Child”

Before your child can improve his behavior, you must improve yours. By using Raising The Strong Willed Toddler,you can learn the step-by-step formula for gaining your child’s cooperation in just 10-15 minutes a day. You will also learn…

Psychologist’s Secrets You Will Learn!

  • How changing your attitude toward your child’s defiance is critical to your success
  • What you must start, stop,and continue doing today to get your child to cooperate
  • How to go from desperation mode to cooperation mode before things get out of hand
  • How to handle your child’s most mule-stubborn, bullheaded moments
  • Ways to teach your child to cope with frustration
  • Why old models don’t work
  • How to stay calm in the face of calamity
  • How to avoid the two biggest mistakes you can make when using Raising The Strong Willed Toddler
  • What to do and say when your child’s strong will rears its ugly head in public
  • Ways to build your child’s self-esteem
  • What to never, ever say or do again if you want Raising The Strong Willed Toddler to work
  • How to stop listening to unhelpful advice
  • Why Raising The Strong Willed Toddlerworks when other solutions don’t

What Raising The Strong Willed Toddler Includes:

When you order Raising The Strong Willed Toddler, you’ll be invited to download a step-by-step guide and 7 audio files, which you listen to online.Proceed at your own pace, taking more than a day with each session, or stick to the one lesson a day format – it’s up to you. The course is focused on five key principles that are essential to its success…

5 Key Toddler Discipline Principles

Principle 1: Honor the game plan. The magic is in the formula. Don’t change it. In order for Raising The Strong Willed Toddler to work, you must follow the program – to the letter. Take shortcuts and Raising The Strong Willed Toddler simply won’t work.

Principle 2: Talk is not the answer, with the difficult, stubborn toddler. Actions (not punishments) speak louder than words – especially when your child is being uncooperative, disruptive and disrespectful.

Principle 3: Resisting leads to persisting. The more you resist your toddler’s stubborn behavior, the more it will persist. (Write that down. It’s important)

Principle 4: You cannot control your toddler, but you can control what your toddler cares about. Controlling the home environment in a very precise manner, is the key to success.

Principle 5: This is learning process. Mastery over stubbornness is a learning process. Just because you eventually gain your child’s cooperation does not mean the problem has been solved. You must learn from each episode of defiance, and more importantly, your child must learn through your BETTER choices each time.

If You’re Ready To Try “Raising The Strong Willed Toddler” Click ‘Add to Cart’

Raising The Strong Willed Toddler Package Just $37

This is an instant download package
All Major Credit Cards, Paypal and Online Checks Are Accepted.

Considering I charge upwards of $200 for each in-house therapy session and it takes 4-6 sessions (on average) to correct this behavior problem, you’re getting a great deal by paying just $37 for “Raising The Strong Willed Toddler”

But I’m not satisfied with just selling you this vital material and calling it a day. As you can see, I have a public reputation to uphold, and I’m not risking it for a measly $37

In my 20+ years of practice, I’ve learned how to handle far more than just stubborn children. These bonus materials are my gift to you as thanks for trusting in me and supporting my life’ work. Use them, enjoy them, and enjoy raising your children to become mature adults and positive influences in our society…

Bonus # 1: The Tantrum Fixer Ultimate Trouble Shooter mp3 Audio Download (Valued at $47) FREE

The Ultimate Trouble Shooter is for when your child’s stubbornness is proving particularly difficult or unusual, especially when it comes to whining, tantrums and meltdowns. It’s based on feedback from parents who have used my other behavior modification programs over the last five years.

When you have a question specific to tantrums or tantrum-like behavior, take a look in the Ultimate Trouble Shooter. You just might find exactly the right solution at absolutely no cost to you.

Bonus # 2: A-Z Parenting Guide (Value $29.95) FREE

From the hundreds of articles I’ve written on everything about parenting, I’ve selected these 32 as the ‘Cream of the Crop’. They cover everything from tantrums to building your child’s self-confidence to homework habits. Every one of them is a gem, containing advice I have tested and enjoyed success with over the last 20+ years.

The A-Z Parenting Guide normally sells for $29.95 but you’ll get it free with your purchase of Raising The Strong Willed Toddler.

Bonus # 3: The Confident Child (Value $47) FREE

One of the most frequent questions parents ask me is about child confidence. When you see signs that your child is lacking confidence, it’s natural to have many worries about how they will stand up to bullies, developing meaningful relationships with their peer group, and perform up to their potential in the classroom.

Many times when children lack confidence, they either put forth less than full effort or abandon their work altogether. In other words, when you lack confidence, you give up more easily because you don’t believe you can do it.

The Confident Child explains the secrets to raising a child with unstoppable self-confidence and a powerful sense of self-esteem. With a few simple changes, you’ll be able to ensure that your child grows up strong, confident, and secure. All for no additional cost with your purchase of the program.

The Confident Child audio program will teach you my step-by-step system for bolstering your child’s self-confidence in just one day.

You’ll also learn…

  • Three signs of low self-worth in your child
  • Two common parenting mistakes that almost always undermine a child’s self-esteem
  • The one sentence you must always remember to use for building self-confidence
  • How to make sure homework, play time and extracurricular activities support your child’s self-esteem
  • Specific tools for helping your child deal with sibling rivalry
  • The right way and the wrong way to talk to your child about self-confidence

“Why Should You Take My Advice?”

You can get advice on child rearing from everyone from your mother (or mother-in-law) to your child’s teacher to the nosy neighbor down the street. What makes what I have to say any different than the pearls of wisdom they’ll supply?

Two things – Education and Experience.

  • Both my Master’s degree and PhD are in Psychology
  • In addition to Psychology, I’ve studied Child Development, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Therapy, Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming and other methods
  • I have worked with over 7,000 families with stubborn, defiant children
  • The news media trusts me to provide them with expert advice on parenting problems
  • I’ve written hundreds of published articles on parenting

But the real secret to my success is my experience working with children and parents just like you. Everything I know is a combination of experience, training, and feedback from parents of formerly out-of-control children.

“Questions Frequently Asked By Parents Like You”

Q. Can You Change A Defiant Toddler In Just Seven Days With Your Program?
A. No, sometimes it works in as little as three days. Most often though, seven days is about all it takes. Because the course can be paced to meet your needs, you can take longer if you want.


Q. Does Raising The Strong Willed Toddler Program Always Work?
A. Not always. In my experience, about 98% of parents report success, while two percent of parents who try my child behavior programs don’t experience success. But remember, “The One Week Toddler Turnaround” is backed by my 100% guarantee. If it doesn’t work, you get your money back. Period.

Q. Are Oppositional, Strong-Willed or Defiant Toddlers Really Able To Change?
A. Yes. In fact, many strong-willed toddlers succeed very quickly. They learn to make choices that serve their interests and bring them happiness – making stubbornness unnecessary. Honestly, at the toddler stage, Mom & Dad’s mastery of the right tools is the most important factor controlling the speed of change.

Q. What About Real Diagnoses, Like ADD, ADHD, ODD & Others? Still Work?
A. Children who have been previously diagnosed with these types of behavioral problems are just as likely to succeed using these methods. In fact, one key feature of this program is that Dr Cale turns you focus from the diagnosis…to handling the problem behavior that is ‘right in front of you.’ We can’t treat the diagnosis…in the moment of an all out tantrum or meltdown. We can however, learn how to respond better to that moment…and teach from that moment. Bottom line: this program is designed to help you get control of your home, even in the face of such daunting ‘disorders.’

Q. What If I Don’t Do Anything? Won’t This Defiant Behavior Just Go Away…On It’s Own?
A. No. Not likely, and here’s why: This defiant behavior keeps pulling you into it. No matter how hard you try, you end up getting sucked into the defiance…arguing with a three year old…over and over. Or fighting over socks again. Or trying to get them into bed. Without tools to change your response, your ‘reactive’ tendencies just guarantee that the defiance, the resistance and challenging behavior WILL get worse.

Q. Can I Blend This Program With Other Ideas I Have Read About?
A. No. “Raising The Strong Willed Toddler” works because it is precise. If you have other solutions, by all means try them if you wish. But do not incorporate them into what Dr Cale teaches in this program.

You know who I am and you know what Raising The Strong Willed Toddler can do to improve your child’s behavior and restore the joy of raising children to your life. I’ve put a 100% Money Back Guarantee on this product, just in case you’re one of the very few who don’t experience success.
There’s no risk involved. Period.

If you’re willing to take the time to use this program as it’s written, you’ll see results. And if you don’t see results – it’s free. Where else are you going to find such an impactful program for such a small investment?

Every day you wait, every day you delay taking action to improve your stubborn child’s behavior puts them one day closer to becoming adolescents and adults who are unwilling to compromise, not accepting of people’s differences, not open to new ideas and just plain difficult to deal with – in all areas of life.

Is this the future you imagined for your child?

You’ll also learn…

  • Three signs of low self-worth in your child
  • Two common parenting mistakes that almost always undermine a child’s self-esteem
  • The one sentence you must always remember to use for building self-confidence
  • How to make sure homework, play time and extracurricular activities support your child’s self-esteem
  • Specific tools for helping your child deal with sibling rivalry
  • The right way and the wrong way to talk to your child about self-confidence

Yes! Dr. Cale, I’m Ready For The Raising The Strong Willed Toddler System

Raising The Strong Willed Toddler

7 Days To Better Behavior

  • I understand that if I use your professional, time proven step-by-step action plan, I will have a strategy for overcoming my toddler’s behavior problems.
  • I understand that for only $37 I will be able to download immediately your life changing action plan that will teach me raising the strong willed toddler
  • I also understand I am backed by 365-day, 100% NO RISK GUARANTEE.

Parents -I know you’d pay just about any price to have well-behaved children who are polite, confident, and even-tempered. But I wanted to get this program into as many parent’s hands as possible…

Pay one low price and get the proven success of “Raising The Strong Willed Toddler” AND these 3 highly valuable bonus items.

I also understand this download package includes:

INSTANT DOWNLOAD “Raising The Strong Willed Toddler” 7 Day Course (A $131 Value) Video & Audio
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“Backed by a 365-day, 100% NO RISK GUARANTEE”

“Is It Worth It?”

It is time to decide… If this is really right for you. Because in reality, what does this course mean for you? Does it mean you become a better parent? (Yes)!

Will this program relieve your personal stress? (Yes)!

Is it the right decision for you? (That of course…you must decide.)

I believe this course will change your future and your child’s destiny. It will ensure your child grows up, disciplined the right way.

Because at the end of the day, you are still a parent. And nothing makes you more happy than seeing your children happy and successful. Hopefully this course helps you achieve that.

To your family’s happiness,

Dr. Randy Cale

P.S.: You only get to raise your children once. Now is your chance to make sure you get it right. Order Raising The Strong Willed Toddler and get ready for a future of cooperation and good behavior that will make you the proudest parent on the block.

P.S.S. Remember: You risk everything… if you take no action. Now is your chance, to get started on a better future. RISK Free.

P.S.S.: Finally, I don’t want you as a customer, if you get to this point and are still debating. Sorry…but I doubt that this is the program for your family if you are hesitating after going through all this information. That’s just reality. However…

Raising The Strong Willed Toddler Package Just $37

This is an instant download package
All Major Credit Cards, Paypal and Online Checks Are Accepted.

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