Strong Willed Toddler Day 7

Day 7 of Your 7 Day Program

YEAH! You made it. The final lesson is only minutes away. But first, just a couple reminders.

I know… I know… I can sometimes repeat something a dozen times. But here’s why: These concepts are not that complicated…but THEY ARE VERY, VERY HARD in these early days.

And even though you see progress, you CANNOT become flexible. You CANNOT get soft. You CANNOT improvise.

Instead, you must stay focused and work the program. Today’s lesson will pull it all together for you, and inspire you to stay on track. Just a quick note: If you feel like you need help on particular issues related to more challenging children (with multiple behavioral/emotional issues), you may want to consider one-on-one parenting coaching with me (Dr Cale:). You can email my assistant directly, to learn about the discounted offer I have for parents who have completed this program. My assistant: [email protected]. Make sure you mention this offer.

Okay, now …let’s get through this final lesson:

Click “Play” Below To Complete Lesson 7

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