Thank you for investing in
“Educational Success!”

It’s Dr. Cale here and I want to congratulate you on an important decision. You are on the path to ending those worries and struggles over homework. Even more important, I disclose the daily strategy that makes homework a habit and teaches you the formula to help your children thrive academically. While the DVD package will be shipped immediately, I have a few surprises for you so you can get started right away. But first, I want to cover a few things, so please read this carefully.

1. First, let’s review a few basics. If you purchased a download version of the program, you should have the links and the downloads are in progress. In a short while, you can begin the program.

Make sure you save a copy of the file to your computer, where you can find it. Do so right away, as the link from your specific purchase only lasts a few days. This simply means you will not be able to download the product after a few days have passed. So again, the first step is to save the files on your computer. (Just follow the very direct instructions…that’s all I’m saying here!)

2. Secondly, this report is designed to be relatively short and sweet. It is very focused on one issue…and one issue only. I don’t want you to get distracted with a lot of theory, so there is very little filler material. I could easily have included tons of BS, but chose not to so that you can get right to the meat of it. This is a specific solution to a specific issue, which has a proven track record and requires your careful attention.

Please don’t try to complicate the issues. For the next week or two… just follow the very specific directions, and have faith… things will get better soon!

3. Third, read the material, or listen to the program at least two times…perhaps three…and make notes. In working with thousands of parents, I have found that those parents who struggle finding success are often eager to get the big picture and fail to honor the details. This will not serve you. In fact, it will likely destroy your chances of success. So pay close attention to the details. It is critical to your success.

WARNING STORY: Recently, I received an email from a father asking for a refund, as one of my programs wasn’t working for his son. I asked if I could help him solve the problem, as failures are rare. (I always offer to help find out the source of the problem, so I can perhaps get parents on track…if they want help. )He took me up on this, and explained what he was struggling with. In reality, it was clear he did not fully understand the importance of abandoning his old strategies, and simply needed to review the materials carefully. I explained that he needed to review pages 18-25 very thoroughly, and then email me if he had questions.

Two days later, he emailed to say he completely understood, and apologized for not having given the program his full attention. Within a week, his email read as follows: “You have given me hope,and amazing strategies that all other psychologists couldn’t give me thank you! Things are now looking better than ever! Sent from my iPhone

Bottom line: Read and listen carefully. You have heard the saying, “The devil is in the details.” For most of you, this will be true. Take good notes, and understand what must be done in the next couple weeks…to get success.

4. Please be clear: If you are to get success, you can’t pick and choose. “Oh, I like that part…but I don’t like this…so I will skip it.” I mention this because many of you have been told to handle things a certain way, and some part of that advice appeals to you. You can’t do that…if you want this to work. You have to honor each step of the formula, or you will likely experience frustration and failure. Also, you can’t add new pieces to the formula, or again… failure is likely.

My request here is simple: For the next couple weeks, honor the details of the program. Don’t add, or subtract anything from the formula. The actual cause of many continued behavioral problems is in apparently small actions, such as reminders, prodding or verbal warnings.

So….let’s make sure we don’t pretend that success will happen when you have been given an award winning recipe, and you only include some of the ingredients. We both know it’s unlikely that the final product will meet our expectations. So please, pay attention to…and follow the game plan. The stuff you think may be small and insignificant is often the most crucial part of the final formula that will bring you success.

5. One final reminder: Things will often get worse, when you start doing the right thing. You will be stirring things up a bit. So please expect that you may see more drama and more apparent struggle. Just be prepared.

I explain how to handle this drama. Just be very precise in following my game plan, and you will find relief very soon.

Okay, having said that…I think you are ready to begin. You have truly made a decision that most parents fail to make. You have chosen to take action where most do not.

You see…I experience this all the time with the families who work with me personally, or who work with me through the Internet. They describe a history of struggle, frustration and failure. Many were on the edge of seeking help many times, but pulled back.

Yet, what I hear over and over is this, “Why didn’t I do this three years ago? We would not have gone through all that misery and anger? I can’t believe I saw your website and just didn’t follow through.

At least we are on track now. I feel such a sense of relief.”

The good news is that this is not you! You have taken action! In a few short weeks, you will likely be on the path to greater ease and happiness in your home. As you go through this program, I want to offer you the option of getting direct support from me by email, at a 61% savings.

Save 60% On 30 Day Personal
Email Support Plan

Most of you will find that this program is complete and you may not feel the need for support. However, if you want detailed personal email based coaching as you go through this program, I want you to know that it is an option. For some, not all, you may feel more comfortable knowing that we will tweak this program to your specific situation as we work in partnership over the next 30 days.

If you try this coaching program, you can email me anytime, and I will get back to you with a detailed response within 24-48 hours…usually much less. This is an exclusive service available only to those who seek additional support, encouragement and problem solving. As often and as detailed as you need it…I will be there to support you and guide you.

This service can be purchased separately on my website for $250.00 for the month, but I make this available to you (as a parent and customer who is taking action!) for a substantial savings of 61% (you pay $99.00 for the month of support). Try it now!

Quick Reminder: The product you purchased gives you the program that has worked over and over. It’s the best of what I have learned and observed. It is the most focused answer to your question, and contains an approach grounded in the clinical research. The program is complete, and I try to answer most questions in advance on the program.

However, you may have particular questions. You may want support. You may have struggles with your child (as many children resist change and fight to maintain their control over the home). Your child may have unique issues, or you may have your own special concerns. This is reality for some of you. This email program is an inexpensive way to get ongoing support, and may be perfect for you!

When something comes up, you can rest comfortably knowing that personal answers and guidance is there directly from me. You have an expert on your side, at your beckon call to help you through this. Please keep in mind. I do not respond to every parenting question you may have on any topic. I address questions related to this product, and how to successfully get the most out of this program.

If you are interested in this level of individualized guidance and support, I hope you will click below to sign up. You have plenty of time to read and absorb this program, and then ask questions. My goal it to make certain you find success, and this is the best possible way I know how to do that. Click below to sign up now.

“Save 60% On 30 Day Email Coaching & Support Directly From Dr Cale. Click Below To Sign Up Now.”

Again, for most you will find that this program is enough. You simply need to make certain you apply the program in the exact manner outlined, and stay consistent in your follow through. If you find yourself on one day…and off the next…expect your progress to slow to a crawl. I need you to be focused, consistent and attentive to the details.

Okay…Let’s get on with it. I look forward to your success, and hearing of your positive results shortly.

Thanks again. I wish you the best with your progress through this program.

Take care,

Randy L Cale, PhD
Licensed Psychologist

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