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Bad Ideas For Toddler Discipline

While we often think of discipline as necessary for older children, the truth is that parenting gets easier when we start early with a clear understanding of how to handle toddlers.


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Nurturing Your Childs Creativity

A growing source of concern is the lack of creativity parents and teachers are observing at home and at school.

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Start Summer Weak... Life Gets Harder. Start Summer Strong... Life Gets Easier.

Okay. Summer is officially on… and the kids are on summertime schedule.

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Summer Essentials: Rules vs. Wishes

Rules Establish Structure and Kids Need This A well implemented set of simple rules establishes a structure and rhythm at home, that actually helps reduce anxiety and calm children. Children need to a have a clear sense that someone is in charge, who knows what to do….

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Terrific Parenting Answers To Common Parenting Questions

1. My son, age three, cries over everything. One could clearly label him a “cry baby”. Is this something he will grow out of or can we teach him to not cry over the drop of a hat. I’m worried once he starts school, his peers will make fun of him. Answer: The…

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